Alternative names: Painkiller

Game Painkiller - it's an incredible game platform PC. This game was created and released in October 2007 rental year. Game immediately took the first position in all ratings, which could only exist. The game was invented and developed by - Mindware Studios. Interesting, new and exciting - it is perfect for all those gamers who really appreciate ktotorye shooter genre. We will not be telling all the secrets of Painkiller, it would be foolish. After all, everyone must feel the full power of this game for yourself.

In this game constantly bloodshed, then a huge amount of kills. And due to the fact that you will have a lot to go with blazing machine guns, pistols and rifles - weapons in the game Painkiller performed at the highest level. This game shows all that can play this excellent and exciting genre. I must say that in Painkiller levels are quite different. Developers have created all this in order to not miss a gamer in the game. For all fans of the genre action, again, it is important to make the game and dynamic, colorful, and at the same time rich.

So, tell a little about the storyline of the game and add some interesting facts: the protagonist who you actually are, dismissed. Place a severe scolding and fear in all people cleaner took Belial - a hybrid of an angel and a demon, good and evil in one person. Thanks to its unusual kinship and mysterious appearance, this protagonist has received unprecedented advantages, because this guy has some supernatural abilities than very angered "higher authorities." Willed child archangels of Heaven and Hell, to whom he is, has been put into something like a prison for dangerous prisoners. This incredibly strict prison had strengthened protection. Guarded by a three-headed dog Cerberus. Valiar quickly grew stronger, he was able to learn and great to deal with their own skills. He began to train yourself.

Valiar "developed" the abilities that gave him the powers of heaven. Soon he was able to control himself, and he broke free slave single purpose. It was impossible to convince, and the only thing he wanted it - revenge on their oppressors. Those who sent him into exile and those who made it so that Valiar ceased to be a common inhabitant of the harsh world of the game.

Believe that Payne Killer game - this is a very good choice if you just want to enjoy the beautiful graphics, great gameplay, unique storyline, beautiful dramatization of scenes and battles! This game is worthy of the highest praise and the best that can be addressed only game!

Now how you can enjoy everything that happened in this game. You need before installation games, watch online video Painkiller. It can be a video, reviews, promo videos - anything! Then you can visit the game's official website (http://www. painkillergame. com / agegate. php), after all this, you need to download the game Painkiller. This file will check for the presence of malware and malicious software components. Next, install the downloaded earlier and checked the file you have on your PC. Now you can fully enjoy the game! To summarize what you need to do in order to play this game: watch the video, go to the game site, download Painkiller, check for viruses and install the game! Everything!

We wish you good luck! You will love this game!


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