Alternative names: Panzar

Game Panzar - addictive MMORPG online game with a great battle system and role-playing component. Appeared in this original action thanks to the company network neta Panzar Studio. The developers have done everything possible to present users a project in which both the best traditions respected by Internet games, and there is room for new items entirely exciting the attention of those who are beginning to play Panzar. If you like a dizzying adventure, the ability to perform feats in the arenas, dangerous journey through a variety of locations - Panzar online to your taste!

To become a resident of the incredibly beautiful world you need Panzar registration. To do this, you must fill in a few fields of special form. Provide information such as your email address and password. Then, rewrite the code from the image and type in the desired line promo code. Then click "Finish". Remember that registration Panzar game itself is a proof that you accept Terms of Use. By creating an account, you can easily download the client. Of course, provided that the computer meets this minimum configuration:

- Operating system Windows XP / Vista / Seven;

- Processor Inter Core 2Duo, 2. 4 GHz

- Card Nvidia GeForce 8800/Radeon HD3870 512 MB

- 2GB RAM;

- Free space on the hard drive 4GB.

Stepping on the fantastic land, you must choose a race and class that best match your personality. There are four races and eight of the corresponding classes. To orcs are berserkers and tanks to people - paladins and inquisitors, to the gnomes - equipment and engineers, and the elves - mages and wizards. Each character in the game has their own unique abilities. On the battlefield, each playing a role. However, there are basic characteristics, which are endowed with all the characters in a greater or lesser extent. This health, skill, attack speed, mana, energy, power unit and others. Between contractions, you will be engaged pumping their skills and improve the effectiveness of armor and weapons.

With respect to items that can be used in the game, the main role, of course, plays a weapon. It is divided into near and far. Moreover, each class has the ability to use certain weapons. Armor undoubtedly are also one of the main elements of which should take care while preparing for battle. To do this, visit the blacksmith shop or store. More Panzar game provides an opportunity to enjoy a variety of potions, amulets, runes and even ornaments.

The game is set on spacious locations. Night infernal farmers Bay snowmen, foggy stage, Catchers meteorites Citadel alchemists Orc Shed, Fortress cannibals Quarry gnomes temple orcs Arena warlords and Siege of Fort swamp - these are the places that have to go to everyone who took play game Panzar. On your way there will be lots of interesting puzzles over which will have to smash his head, as well as the most memorable quest tasks, which will cope with a force of only bold and Assertive.

To successfully implement our plans, it is better to enlist the support of friends. Panzar much more interesting to play, being brave particle community. First, it will be easier to win with enemies, and secondly, in your spare time you can have fun mental chatter.

Go through level after level, discovering new facets of the stunning game world. The higher the level, the greater becomes your power, and the glory of the exploits is growing at the speed of sound. In addition, a pleasant moment during the conquest of each next level is a gift in the form of new talent that visiting Altar, you can develop and transform into hitherto inaccessible skill. Do not stop halfway! Your efforts will not pass in vain! The joy of victory over powerful enemies - the best reward for each warrior! Feel the taste of victory is this using Panzar online! Let Fortune favors you with her smile


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