Panzer General

Alternative names: Panzer General
Game Panzer General is an operational-level turn-based strategy, where the cards are divided into hexagons The game takes place during the Second World War. You have a choice of two scenarios will participate in the game: • first - play now (in this game is only possible for the Germans, Axis) • Second - on a separate scenario (soyuzniki- Allied). Furthermore. in this gameplay is presented as the real battle took place and be hypothetical. For example, the capture of Washington by the Germans, the Middle East or England. This gameplay just has thirty eight possible scenarios. For "Company" has five locations: • North Africa in 1941, from North Africa to the Middle East; • Huskies in 1943, the landing forces in Sicily and opposition to the war; • Poland 1939, Poland and Norway through the operation proceeds to the West, with a likely landing operation in the UK; • Operation Barbarossa in 1941, crossing the Soviet border to Moscow; • Kharkov 1943, spring offensive the Germans. The main goal - capturing all strategic towns and key points of various settlements and airfields for a certain number of moves. In Panzer General is possible to play in different ways, but it should be remembered that the seizure was not an end in itself, then it is important to be able to have and to hold. To do this, you must correctly calculate the strength and capabilities of his army. This Panzer General overview shows that the main actors in this game are the units - soldiers from different branches of service: • Artillery • Infantry • Fleet • Tanks • Aviation • Defense • ACS Depending on the type of troops at all different possibilities. The main characteristics of the units are: • the impact force • force protection • fuel tank • ammunition Not the last role in the course of military operations and troop movements has terrain. Naturally, the more all kinds of facilities in cities and natural defenses accumulations in the mountains, and less of them in the river valleys. You will be surprised that it is possible to carry out pre-fight miscalculation of the expected losses of units from both sides. Important and central to the Panzer General pc is a resource that is called Prestige. The amount may either decrease or increase depending on the situation with the key points and other important objects. The resource you have the opportunity to spend as the introduction of new units and the replenishment of losses. This action may be carried out in any point owned by you. In order to proceed to the gameplay, you have to go to the official site of the project and download Panzer General. This procedure will not take much time, because at every step will be clues that orient and define the sequence of your actions. You have the option of all of the above quite clearly and vividly seen in Panzer General video - trailer. After watching for sure there will be no doubt about the fact that this game deserves your attention. In it everyone will be able to show all his skills and abilities of military tactics. On your orders as commander in chief of the dependent outcome of the confrontation - fail or be victory.

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