Alternative names: Leading, Leading game, War online

Leading Online - free browser-based multiplayer online role-playing game that tells us about the times of the Great Patriotic War. Leading online game is perfect for anyone who is tired of the endless domination of fantasy and science fiction games and loves history, native lands. It should be noted, incidentally, that the game was written by Leading Online developers of CIS and therefore it can rightly be considered native.

Joined Leading game does not take long and will be clear to everyone who wants to join. To register, you will need to enter:

· Character name

· Password for access to the game

· E-mail address, which will be sent letter informing that the registration completed Leading

System requirements in order to begin playing the game online Leading minimal, because the game does not have a client and can play it on any computer with an Internet connection.

At the beginning of the game each player is given the right to choose a side, under the flags of which he will fight

· Wehrmacht

· Red Army

Once you have decided with the side, you will be given the rank of private, received that begins the difficult path to the honorable title of marshal an army. It should be noted that the very military ranks, there is not just "for show", they provide access to certain privileges, which you can enjoy climbing the career ladder. By and large, these are the same rank and analogy levels in the game. In addition to raising them in the game as there is a system of specialization. It is arranged so that the receipt of a particular specialty determines your skills studied. For example, you can always become a secretive and elusive guerrilla terrifying the enemy soldiers in the impenetrable forests or, conversely, to choose the path commander, leading the attack echelon fighters loyal to you.

Leading online game system which is designed so that all actions of the player can be divided into two categories - combat and non-combat. Outside of battle the player can refill your cartridge belt, acquire necessary equipment and begin the job. Assignments deserve special mention. Amaze quality of study plot of the game, usually browser-based products are not encouraging similar quality, but this game is a real exception. Continuing to play the game Leading Online, will meet a variety of objects that will help players:

· Caches

· Point radio

· Shelters ,

The battle system in the game - a turn-based, which means that all the playing field is divided into cells, each of the participants in the battle gets a certain number of action points, allowing him to defend himself or to make an attack. It depends on the amount of certain abilities of the character, as well as its title. An interesting feature of the game is that players make their moves simultaneously, and the server then performs simulation of combat and makes a decision about whose turn it is necessary to consider first.

An interesting game is the lack of focus of the clan system, so fans play Leading alone will not experience much inconvenience and abuses. But for fans to find new friends and play the game online Leading the team has a well-designed system of units, through which players can participate in clan battles, and communicate with their colleagues.

"Highlight" of the game are its own players, because the audience the game is qualitatively different from similar products. Chat messages are always moderated, and complaints received for consideration in record time. By the way, the administration of the game is always open to constructive dialogue. A similar phenomenon in online gaming is very rare, as a rule, the administration - this self-important and pompous people rarely pay attention to ordinary users, but here everything is exactly the opposite. Because of this, play Leading becomes much nicer than others like her game.

To sum up, I must say that this game will appeal to many fans of the Great Patriotic War, the history of his native land and in general all those who are tired of the gray of everyday work and dreams plunge into the vicissitudes of time.


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