Alternative names: Pernatsk
Surely, after reading the title, you thought that the game Pernatsk - is something childish and frivolous. We hasten to reassure you! No, of course, the project does not claim the title of "most serious game of the year", but also to rank it in the category of children's entertainment is not necessary. Many adults, familiar with the game, fall in love with her. Today gaming world presents not so much light, relaxing, but Jolly games. Pernatsk just that. This is a multiplayer online game, which means that you definitely need to check Pernatsk. Already at this stage, you can feel the atmosphere of the project. To a gamer can get the opportunity to start the gameplay, it simply complete the registration form specifying the address of your electronic mailbox, a unique password for your account and the name of the character. In addition, the race will have to choose a hero. The choice available: Owls - bellicose and very wise animal vision which fails even in the darkest night. Parrots - even those windbags who know how to attract the attention of allies and opponents to reduce the temperature. Beginning in Pernatsk parrot play, you can count on luck in battle. Eagles - hardy and ruthless, but for all, with just the birds. Eagles - such characters are losing is simply not tolerated. You can play without having to install additional files, because the project browser. Looking at the screen saver, indeed, difficult to imagine that Pernatsk Online - detective game. But it is really so! The task of the gamer - to help investigate serious chipmunk Taschumbe terrible accident occurring in Pernatske and instruct on the right path, and two ferrets ruble Bublik. During gameplay you will have to perform a lot of serious and very interesting jobs that will help neutralize enemies and earn credibility among other residents. Since Pernatsk - online game, it is possible to actively interact with other gamers: to agree on something, to develop strategies for development bargain. Starting the game, you will control a chick who does not have virtually no skills and knowledge. Along with the character you will grow and develop. Depending on your choice in Pernatsk Online races will vary skills. The developers suggest that gamers may want to change the character, so they came up with a little trick. Of course, just because you can not change the race (that would be too easy), but you can prepare a special potion that will transform your character both externally and internally: drink the potion and become very different "Birds." To you, as a "green newbie" is not confused about the features of the game, you will be put in charge of the faithful and wise conductor Filius. Listen to the advice of the owl-master and can find answers to many questions. Starting to play the game Pernatsk, you will realize that this is the best way to relax after a hard day!

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