Pirate Galaxy

Alternative names: Pirate Galaxy


Pirate Galaxy online - MMORPG fantasy genre, focuses on PvP battles. It is a product of Splitscreen Studios. The creators have made sure that you were able to choose whether to play using a browser or install a client. Moreover, the game does not require any financial investment. Enjoy fun gameplay, you can absolutely free. The benefits of the project include a realistic 3-D graphics, plot development dynamics, the presence of many, both military and non-military tasks, the ability to explore the wide expanses of the galaxy, and to own their own spaceship. The main objective of each player - make every effort to expel arrogant aliens from their home planet. Join the online community and feel what accounts for people of the future!

Join in the game Pirate Galaxy will carry you forward for many, many years. You find yourself in a time when the aliens decide to take over the Earth and destroy its former inhabitants. However, the people rebelled and rushed to defend their homeland. Starting to play Pirate Galaxy, you enter into a bloody war of universal scale. On the territory of the Earth fights transported into space and even to other planets. No more calm places absolutely nowhere. Tacking on the ship between the stars, you have to be constantly on the alert. Indeed, until you reach the one point to another, we have to repeatedly engage in a shootout.

Before signing on the official site, make sure that the configuration of your computer fails. For the game put forward the following minimum system requirements:

- Operating system Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP;

- Pentium 4 processor 1Ghz;

- Video NVIDIA GeForce 2 Series, ATI Radeon 7500 or Intel i810G;

- 256 mb RAM

- 100mb of free space on your hard disk.

Pirate Galaxy registration - is filling out a special form with such fields: user name, email address, password. In addition, you are required to accept the Membership Agreement. Now nothing to become an obstacle on the way to make new friends at the same time dangerous world! Welcome back! Perhaps it is here waiting for you to finally defeat the alien beings.

Game Pirate Galaxy - is the place where they met, such as race people, Mantis, ancient and matanoidy. And because the mantissas chose aggressive tack, people threw all their forces out to win these three-meter giants. Mantis differ cruelty, but people have long been known for their tenacity. So it is not yet known who will win. As a beginner you join people don form an elite unit and start to perform the tasks of your tasks. The main mission - to eradicate the evil has spread across the galaxy in the form of unexpected arrogant mantissas. Encounter enemies you will everywhere, wherever directed. One has only to get out of the dock, as before you are threatened. In order to adequately reflect the attacks of opponents, make sure that the ship was in good condition, and there was no shortage of arms.

Play the game Pirate Galaxy should carefully. Do not miss important moments such as trade relations, collection, extraction of minerals from orbit. For successful management of the ship will need to learn to use a gun, include a protective field, run the batteries Krionita use accelerators. Performing all these steps, you do not just develop and gain experience, but also become richer by the day. The hour when you can feel Pirate Galaxy online quite confident and comfortable.

Much more interesting Pirate Galaxy play in the flotilla. Because in this way you will be able to participate in large-scale wars, together with its allies to capture the entire planet. Plus a defense against enemy together it is easier. Do not let strangers hog planetary systems to mine the most valuable resource Krionita. Let them know what people can do! Diminished their arrogance and make tremble in your power! We can only wish that you were able to realize all your plans! Good luck!


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