Pirate Code

Alternative names: Pirates Thiede of- Fortune

Pirate Code - gentlemen of fortune. & nbsp;

Code Pirate game that will please all lovers of maritime adventure and pirate adventures. The player gets the opportunity to plunge into the romance of life on the islands in the endless ocean, where the main business is the development and protection of its territory from the other players, hungry for easy prey. After selecting the game, the user himself has to become a gentleman of fortune that would lead to his island economic and military prosperity.

Pirate Code Online - a multiplayer browser game, which has already registered more than 11 million users, they have the opportunity to fight each other with computer enemies, formed an alliance to create the Order, and of course to conclude trade deals. This project is rather a military strategy, but without the development of the economy strong army and navy will not be able to create.

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Playing Pirate Code and its features. & nbsp;

In order to join the ranks of filibusters, the draft Code of Pirate registration is required. To do this, the user must fill in a form, consisting of a few lines, to come up with a name, email address and password. You can connect to the game using an account on a social network.

Immediately after the registration of the player reaches the sea space, among kilometers of water lost little island, he will become the new home, which will begin with the construction of the great pirate power. As part of the training the first thing the player will have to construct a building for the production of the necessary resources, there are several:

  • Rum is produced in a factory, his drink without exception - Pirates workers, and those who are at war;
  • Gold, its deposits are on the island, but not mine did not get;
  • The tree also has the island that would receive it, you need felling.

In the game except the extraction of resources necessary to develop science, culture and the military. The project submission in the player are forty different fighting units of the army and navy, you can even create a terrible sea monster Kraken. Also, all the army can be divided into several types, each of them has a unit for defense and to attack

  • 16^^Pirates
  • 16^^Mercenaries
  • 16^^squadron
  • 16^^Armada

In order to create an army and navy should build command and combat construction, raise their level, to carry out research of advanced weapons and armor. All of these actions, as well as the army itself require resource maintenance costs. The fact that you can get on the island, and the waves beat the shore is not enough to create the great sea state. To become truly rich, it can only be engaged in pirate fishing, robbing the neighboring islands, to attack merchant ships and naval fortress. If the army is still rather weak and generally not a war of destiny, you can create a trading company and do business. Across the sea located caches of treasure, their capture brings not a bad profit.

alone to be sad, so the game is much more fun Pirate Code with friends. In this project, you can go to visit and watch it from others, to conduct diplomatic and trade relations with different players, share resources, and scientific development, military power and help to turn their friends into corsairs. In this strategy, you can create your own Order or join an existing one. The Order 's for real, captains get their rank and position. Gathered in the Order, the players combined to create a powerful army of combat-ready, it can be used to capture colonies and protect them from the royal troops.

Pirate Code of very interesting and incredibly beautiful game with excellent graphics and sound design.


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