Tales of Pirates

Alternative names: Piratia

Online game pirate - is a multiplayer strategy adventure in the style of fantasy, which allows you to explore the vastness of their own ship three oceans in search of fame and treasures and ancient artifacts. The game at a glance likable anime-fairy-tale characters and calls to plunge into exciting reality. Minimum system requirements put forward by developers to play the game online Piratia following:

• Operating System: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP;

• processor from Intel Pentium III 800 MHz

• Memory (RAM): 256 MB

• Free hard disk space: 1000 MB;

• Video: 16 MB;

• DirectX 9. 0c;

• Connecting to the Internet.

If you're ready for future achievements, it's time to register a game account. Join in the game Tales of Pirates is very simple: on the main page of the official website press the button registration and fills opened form. Enter your email address (if you have a mailbox on the mail. ru, then you'll have access to special services), game login, password, CAPTCHA (characters from the picture) and you press the big red button "register". At this registration Piratia over. Next, you must download the game client Piratia online - a special program that helps to optimize traffic and properly display graphics. Download the game in several ways: from the site of the game, either directly or using a torrent. After you install the client on your computer and run it go to the next stage in the Pirates online game will offer you to create a character. A choice of four characters: two female and two male.

Lance is of human origin, but was brought up morfeytsami, so very good in possession of weapons. Wants to find the legendary sword that can open Heaven's Gate.

Amy - the eternal child (not on behavior, she just has a unique set of gene due to which she was not destined to grow). Ability to heal wounds and invent unique items.

Phillies - is a girl who has a divine origin and a sailor at heart. Capricious, irresponsible and slightly sly, in a word - a real woman.

Kartsez - a warrior, a child of a single representative of the people of Morpheus and simple village woman has tremendous power and looks daunting, but has a good heart. The only characters that are available are very rare specialty Champion.

Each character in the game is different main characteristics: strength, speed, witchcraft, and special features, as well as the profession, which will acquire your character when you play the game online pirates.

Professions help improve the skills profile in the game. First occupation your character will receive upon reaching level 10 (hunter, sorceress, swordsman, navigator). Second profession master characters to reach level 40 (the champion shooter, warrior, conqueror of the seas, the Witch and the healer).

Upon reaching level 15, you can buy a ship in Pirates game already on it. The higher the level you play, the better you can buy the ship.

Play pirates online you be in three areas: Great blue ocean, the ocean and the mainland Magic Ascaron. In addition, the Pirates have a lot of cities where you can meet the locals and travelers, buy or exchange the necessary items, communicate and organize your own guild. In the game as there are locations in which Allowed battle against other players. Select a location can be, depending on the character's level.

Tales of Pirates Online registration will allow you to immerse yourself in the vibrant and unique world, where you head to cover a wave of unforgettable experiences, battles with pirates, meeting with different monsters. Come to the game, create and train the hero and forth on a treasure hunt in the company of trusted friends!


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