The Voyage Online

Alternative names: Conquerors

Online Game Conqueror is one of those role-playing games, which at the first acquaintance with them encourage start playing. Maybe it encourages a slogan - "came, saw and conquered", and maybe the atmosphere of the game, set up in key Eastern traditions, and its spectacular graphics provided online game Voyage of popularity and loyalty to an audience of millions. Relatively recently joined Conquerors play and users Web - appeared qualitative Russified version of the game.

Closer acquaintance with the Conquerors, we start with the system requirements of developers. By the way, you'll need to download and install the game client. And therefore, introduce you to a list of "wishes" to your PC configuration:

• Processor - Intel Pentium 1 GHz

• RAM - 128 MB,

• graphics card - 16 MB

• free space on your hard drive - 1. 5 GB

• Availability of broadband Internet connections to 64 kbit / s.

Register Online Game Conqueror carried on her official website. You will need a nickname, email address, password, personal data and code to check "on the bot." That is your Conqueror in Online Registration. Well go ahead.

Once your registration is confirmed Conqueror Online, follow the step character selection. Voyage of the online game in which there are six character classes:

• Monks

• Ninja

• Archers

• Swordsmen

• Warriors

• Priests (fire and water)

Class Monks - is probably the most humane character class, they are engaged in self-knowledge and the development of the inner spiritual world. Their defense and weapons - holy beads, which need to be charged.

Class destroyers Ninja - deft and fearless warriors, their attack with lightning speed, and the ability to simultaneously fight two weapons gives them a greater advantage.

Archer class for those who are used to fight ranged, wait and hunt.

Class Swordsmen, on the contrary - for connoisseurs melee, they are no less adept than the Ninja, also can control the weapon in both hands.

Warrior class - the class of physically prepared. Only Warrior bears the heavy armor and can withstand the strongest enemy in melee.

Priestly class is represented by two opposite branches

• Priests Fire

• Water Priests.

Clerics of water - it's peaceful magicians protection they use their spells, although well-managed and conventional weapons.

Priests fire - mystical creatures that use the power of their spells for destructive actions.

So, get acquainted closer with the parameters of the proposed classes you create characters and their unique and unrepeatable. By the way, individualization hero here everything is fine, you can change its external parameters, using the principle of the so-called customization - this principle at all peculiar Chinese online toys.

The Voyage Online Game is interesting for its environment - here besides the usual migratory mobs can also meet one of the four bosses, monsters with big letters so to speak. Call them disastrous beast, Snow Banshee, Dragon teratomas. Hunting of these monsters is always a priority, as for them, you can get a substantial bonus prize.

Regarding the combat system, play Conqueror Live simply in the sense that no one should be asked before attacking, that is, the principle of free PvP (battles between players). But if you're not a supporter of such a manner of combat, then please apply to a duel, and fight nobly. Besides single combat, the game is available Conquerors class struggles, clan battles and guilds.

In all of the above you will play the game online Conqueror to level 120, well, more will follow the process of rebirth. It suggests a possible change of the clan and the exterior, new skills and much more. In short, the incentive for a long time to play the game online The Voyage quite good. See for yourself.


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