Alternative names: Field
If you are fond of ancient Greek mythology and doted in modern online games, the game field has been created specially for you. This project - a great way to disconnect from the time of this reality, I gave her a virtual analogue of the divine. The game gives you a unique opportunity - visit Olympus and get into all the secrets of its inhabitants. Here savvy, common sense and courage to stand in the first place, they are valued above all heroes. It is these simple, accessible to any mortal qualities will help you to become on par with the great gods. Polemo - a game that has prepared for you a lot of interesting and unforgettable travel and adventure. Bright scenery pleasing to the eye. Throughout your path next will be loyal friends to help in difficult times. In addition, the character of which you are present in the game, will have a superstrong features. Details about them, you can learn just starting to play in the project. Before you Polemo online - a great role-playing game, made in the best traditions of the genre MMORPG. The project is based, you guessed it, on the myths and legends that come into the modern world of ancient Greece. The game is absolutely free. Field - a browser project, and therefore start the gameplay, you can immediately after registration, and the need to download additional files and no customers. Of course, as is the case with most other online projects, in order to start the game in Polemo registration is required. However, do not be afraid - in this game, the registration process is simplified to a minimum. You only need to fill in a few fields offered by the project, specifying the name of his hero, e-mail and typing your own unique password. Because the game interface is fully adapted for Russian users, deal with all the management features and complete the registration form, relying on tips administration is absolutely simple. At this stage it will be necessary to wa Polemo online choose your hero class affiliation. To date, the choices available to players several classes: Olympians - the characters, "working" on Zeus. Admetus - subordinates of the Aida. Aegeon - serving god Poseidon's seas and oceans. Before you start playing Polemo, warn you that in the initial stages of all rational will work on improving the skills of your character, upgrade his armor and weapons. In the future it will be able to bring the positive fruits. For each of the defeated enemy, your hero will get additional bonuses (in the form of their achievements, for example). During the fighting, you'll capture territory, where he eventually be able to build their own temples. Various locations (of which there are indeed many) will give you tips on how best to continue to play Polemo directions in which to develop.

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