Portal 2

Alternative names: Portal 2

Game Portal 2 is a worthy continuation of an excellent project. This is a project made in the genre of the original puzzle, removed from the first person. The first part of the game came out in 2007 and immediately became the favorite of many gamers. Already in 2010, the developers announced the release of the sequel, and in early 2011 its official presentation was already held. In the continuation of the project, the previously announced game process develops. Throughout the game you will need to solve all sorts of puzzles that are built on the operation of a particular device capable of creating portals or, more simply, instantly transfer people from one place to another.

Portal 2 pc boasts the existence of a cooperative mode, through which the mission can be overcome together. The main game events occur some time after the actions described in the first part of the game. You personally can visit an abandoned laboratory, specializing in researching portals.

In order for the game process for you to start, you will need to pre-Portal 2 download. To date, you can download the game from the Steam portal, where the installation file will cost you only 12 dollars. After you install the game on your computer, you can learn that the main character is the same pretty girl Chell, which will not be counterbalanced, but extremely smart supercomputer. For those who prefer to play in Portal 2 using cooperative mode, a separate storyline will be available.

Looking at the second part of the game, you understand that her predecessor was just an experiment with a successful training before launching something ingenious. In the new project you expect a large number of new interesting elements of gameplay. And even though the duration of the Portal 2 game has been significantly increased, those gamers who have already managed to test the project personally assure that transience is still its most important drawback. And one more problem is that once again the game becomes uninteresting all the problems and puzzles the first time so much amaze the imagination that it is simply impossible to forget the features of their passage.

Prepare to the fact that you will play Portal 2 with enthusiasm and concentration. After practicing a little on the first part, you can safely proceed with the tasks from the second. You will be pleasantly surprised by the excellent graphics and quality pleasant musical accompaniment. If earlier it was necessary to bombard all improvised means in order to protect yourself from bullets, then in the sequel the developers prepared more number of original tricks, such as lenses, refractors, lasers and other features.

To feel everything, of course, you just need to download and personally test the game, and you can get a close look at the advantages by looking to the Portal 2 video trailer.


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