The last bastion

Alternative names: The last bastion

Browser based online game last bastion conceals a huge world full of fantasy adventure. This wonderful toy does not need to install any of its special features from your PC or mobile phone, because it works on the platform wml. In other words, to play the game online last bastion, you just need an internet connection and a modern browser type Opera.

Join in a game last bastion require filling in the following fields:

1) Your username (the name of the game).

2) Real Name.

3) City of your stay.

4) Your floor.

5) Race, in which you play.

6) Effective E-mail.

On the same page - Registration Last Bastion - you briefly introduce the five races with slot

1. People - have average characteristics, but are warriors by nature.

2. Elves - very fast and accurate in beats.

3. Gnomes - always armored (armor own making) and not weak creatures.

4. Orcs - mighty warriors in their beats. Lead in this area.

5. Hobbits - the smallest growth narodec but extremely uvorotlivy.

Further pressing buttons "in the game" stage last bastion of online registration can be considered successfully completed.

His first game quest you get at the very beginning - the old fisherman in the village. Just remember before running the job to acquire weapons. To do this, follow strictly to the North - to the city Stoungard to tamoshnem store.

Regardless of your choice of race, the hero will be present and develop the following five characteristics:

• Luck - affects the ability to score a critical hit ("crit" inflicting maximum possible damage) and a rare chance to furnishing the subject (you can either find or knock with monsters).

• Power - affects the efficiency of your attack and defense.

• Agility - allows you to play the game online last bastion, dodging enemy attacks.

• Endurance - affects the resistance hero in terms of health and his ability to afford incurring any cost (inventory).

• Intuition - affects the precision strikes.

Plus, the last bastion of the online game has its own morality! However, here it acts as a material value. As in real life, morality is divided into:

A) positive → allows you to buy things in the stores at lower prices;

B) → negative impact on the power stroke, caused by force of arms.

Thanks to the last bastion of the quests to play, definitely, it will be much more interesting, because of their successful implementation can gain experience, money, or the same morals. A bit of money: game currency is called "dinars." Although your account as soon as you start playing the Last Bastion, and will be charged 50 dinars, in the future, "to live comfortably," will need to work or to take part in paid fights.

If you are worried that, due to traffic undemanding, you will have nowhere to turn, do not worry: play area is extensive enough to allow gamers to travel and find plenty at this bunch of adventures. The same applies to weapons: Last Bastion Online gives quite a wide selection of weapons and ammunition, and you are unlikely to feel slighted in this area.

If at any time staying in a huge game world called Arden (just send you here last bastion of online game) you wish to check its history, you can visit your local library for the study there are chronicles. And besides that you expect many more here all sorts of interesting. Come and see for yourself!


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