Postal 2

Alternative names: Postal 2, Postal 2

Postal 2


Postal 2 - a game that won antisimpatiyu large numbers of people. But at the same time, despite the aggression and immorality, Postal 2 game that has achieved great success.

Postal game of first-person shooter style.


In Postal 2 walkthrough possible if your computer contains the following system parameters:

1) of the operating system Windows:

Processor: Pentium III 750 MHz

Memory: 128 MB

Video: 32 MB DirectX8

Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP;

Sound Card: DirectX8-compatible


2) operating system Linux:

Processor: 1 GHz

Memory: 128 MB

Videoadaptor: 32 MB;

Sound Card: OSS-compatible.


Also Postal game that goes on the platform Mac OS X.

Download Postal 2 may be from any site. For this you will need:

1) Internet connection.

2) Log in to the browser.

3) Enter into a search engine, "download game Postal 2" or "Postal 2 download."

4) After that you will give Finder-reference list of sites where you can download the game perform.

Postal 2 free download You can also through the torrent, if you've installed the program on your computer.

Postal 2 Russian version, which is also available for free download via torrent.


Game Postal 2 acquaint you with all your heroes. On some of them you can read below:

1) Dude - this is the main character in the game. Incredibly cynical, selfish itself, his crimes for him a mere trifle.

2) Vince Desi - director of the company, where he worked Dude. He told him the news of the dismissal and the other dude is.

3) Uncle Dave - it was Uncle Dude. He is always ready to help him with his enemies. Very cheerful person.

4) Employees of RWS - they are friends of the main character. They have guns. Dude help with enemies.

5) religious cult - it is also a friend Dude. They are friendly, have almost all kinds of weapons. React aggressively if Dude opens fire

6) Dogs. Dude becomes her friend if her feed him. If we apply the forgiving her aggression, the dog ceases to be a friend.

7) Blacklist - are the opponents of the protagonist. Can call for help of its allies.

8) RWS opponents - armed with a weapon melee or guns.

9) The enemies of books - ridiculed defense ecology.

10) Opponents of meat - they are for vegetables, do not go with posters unlike other opponents.

11) hillbillies - they are often accompanied by dogs, armed with various weapons: firearms, melee weapons and bursting.

12) Butchers - they are spattered with blood. Have grenades, shotguns and assault rifles.

13) bellmen - armed with a rocket launcher, pistols and machine guns.


Play Postal 2 you can with the help of such objects:

1) Treatment - increases health.

2) Dog Bone - Increases health by one point.

3) Slice of pizza - raises health by five points.

4) Armor - unlike species gives 100 or 200 units of armor for Dude.

5) Clothing - Clothing is directly Dude


Also, many just another fun you will meet in the game Postal 2!


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