Postal 3

Alternative names: Postal 3, Postal 3, Postal III, Postal III


Postal 3 - a continuation of the game Postal 2 on the same crazy guy who went to live in another "hole".

Game Postal 3-style shooter set in a three-dimensional volume in the third person. This differs from the first version.


In Postal 3 walkthrough provided on these platforms: PC Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU / Linux, as well as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.

For Postal 3, the following system parameters:

Operating System: Windows 7 / XP / Vista64 / Vista

Processor: Pentium 4 (3. 0 GHz)

Random Access Memory: 1 GB (XP), 2 GB (Vista)

Video: 128 MB, which should be compatible DirectX 9. 0

Hard Drive: 7.5 GB of not less than

Sound Card: DirectX 9. 0s (compatible)


Download Postal 3 You can at any site where a service is a possibility.

For this you will need:

Internet connection and a Web browser.

Go through the browser on the Internet.

Enter in Yandex search engine or another key expression: "Postal 3 download game."

Your attention will be given all sorts of sites where it can be done.

On some sites Postal 3 free download given the opportunity, but on the other - charge.

Postal 3 download charge on our website Akella:

Find this website through search directory or search engine.

On the game press "Download the digital version."

You transferred to another site.

There you click on "Buy" button. The cost of the games on the site 499 rubles.


In Postal 3 walkthrough will be different from other places where dwelt Dude. Place in which he found himself, in the third part of a lot better than the previous ones.

Game Postal 3 will enable you to choose which path will be the same dude: for good and justice that town or again become a sea of ​​blood shed in these places.

In this version, you will be faced with the following features:

1) Game Characters: fashion, terrorists, pop singer, defenders of the Earth's environment and others.

2) Assistant Dude: badger, monkey, cat, dog, bee. This is all his trained animals.

3) Weapons: Here you see as a normal gun, and a huge "gun."

4) Opponents Dude: police, fans and other ecology.


Improved in Postal 3 system attacks.

For those who have bad turns, shelter from enemy bullets there is good news - it is a novelty avtoregeniratsiya health.

If at the beginning of the game you have chosen a good way, but he soon tired of you, with the help of special settings, you can change it to the evil way. And vice versa.

Depending on the path and those acts that you do, your karma decreases or increases.

The game also has a new feature - a battle with their bosses.

Game Postal 3 will not leave anyone indifferent, because now if you have not previously wanted to be the "bad guy", now you have the opportunity to make amends for the sins of man.

Good luck in the challenges with which you have to overcome in Postal 3.


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