Dragon Masters

Alternative names: Drakensang

Dragons ... these mythical creatures have long captured the attention of the person identified as the image of a dragon with a strong wayward, and almost invincible being. Perhaps that is why the game, in which there are dragons, cause us delight and beckon. Dragon Masters online game in the genre of multiplayer role-playing games that allow you to feel like the lord of dragons. In the game you can grow your dragon hunt with him, to perform various tasks and, of course, fight together both on the ground and in the air. Already interested? Then refine the system requirements that will play the game online Dragon Masters.

• Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7

• Processor: 2Ghz

• Video card: nVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT series iliATI Radeon X1600 series

• The RAM: 2Gb

• Free space on hard disk: 2Gb

• Internet connection from 128Kbit

If your computer can play the game online Dragon Masters, then go ahead. Register button in the game Dragon Masters is clearly visible on the official site. So click on it and fill out the registration form. If you already have an account with GameXP. Passport, registration Dragon Masters you do not need: simply enter the game username and password. If not, then fill in the quick registration form: you must enter the email address that is in the game login, create and confirm a password, get acquainted with the user agreement. If you want to complete their registration process, you will have to enter personal data (name) and select two questions and answer them. In this game Dragon Masters Online registration is complete and you have to download and install the client software (a program designed to optimize gameplay) on your computer.

Online game Dragon Masters ask you to create your character, you choose for this:

• race: humans, orcs, elves and night elves;

• Class: Mage, Priest, Paladin, Warrior, Wanderer,

• Faction: Alliance guards and loose federation November;

• appearance of character gender, hairstyle, hair color and face.

Online game Dragon Masters in the beginning will offer you to get your own dragon, which you will be carefully taken care of. Dragons in the game are represented by nine species and relate to the five elements:

• the element of fire - red dragon (uses fire, afraid of ice, hot-tempered)

• the element of nature - blue dragon (possesses the magic of nature, afraid of shadows and prefers ranged);

• the element of darkness - black (dark magic, fear of holiness) and bronze (dark magic, fear of ice prefers melee) dragons;

• ice element - silver and white dragons (ice magic, fear of fire, prefer ranged);

• the element of holiness - a golden dragon (magic light treatment and curse)

• air dragon (latent energy) refers to two poems - light and fire;

• Bone Dragon - "resurrected Emperor" uses magic in combat darkness prefers ranged combat.

Play Dragon Masters you will love it, because on your side will play a magical creature that will help you fight both on the ground and in the air, will protect you from the magic and moved to different locations on your back and more . It is worth noting that in the Dragon Masters online you have to control the dragon and the game character at a time.

In Dragon Masters play interesting, because in this world your character will be able to develop interesting

Gaming characteristics unite in clans or guilds, to expand its ownership, capturing castles.

Want to feel the power of the government? - Hurry to register!


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