Rules of war-nuclear strategy

Alternative names: Rules of war-nuclear strategy

Game rules of war nuclear strategy - browser-based online strategy war, won in 2011 the first place among the users of the site vk . Com . Next, we will discuss the features for which the rules of war online deserves such wide recognition.

Register nuclear strategy in the game rules of war carried out online at the official website of the game where you want to fill a standard email address field, a password to access your account and the player's name. After that you can see for yourself that the rules of war, nuclear strategy play really exciting and tens of thousands of users "VKontakte" not mistaken.

The game has the standard rules of war system requirements, relating to any browser game: almost any operating system Windows , since 2000, namely: Windows 2000, Windows [_2_ ] 7, Windows ME , Windows XP , Windows Vista , CPU [ _1_] Intel Pentium III , having a clock frequency of 800 MHz, a RAM of 256 MB.

Rules of war online game began its ascent as an application on the social network, but has recently become independent and autonomous, having its official website. Like any competent strategy, in order to understand the game need to be trained, which is made possible thanks to the first character, which the player will meet after a nuclear war strategy game opens his eyes for the first time. This is a colorful character General Lapidus that the first couple would suggest that as a yes, you can, what better step to take at this time. In the course of promoting the development ladder you will meet advisers on different branches of its activity: military craft in commercial matters in the research complex and diplomatic nuances.

Terms war strategy game has a vast territory, which has settled countless databases managed by other players. Some of them will greatly exceed your level, the other vice versa - only start their activities, and some may be almost or completely abandoned.

Play nuclear strategy certainly seems interesting to fans of military chronicles: here you will see the truth a large arsenal of weapons and a myriad of tactics to be used in accordance with the strategic plan developed by you.

Resources produced on the base, are consistent with a militaristic nature, which has nuclear strategy online game. These are uranium, titanium, and loans that accumulate in your rental apartment buildings. Another resource can be called crystals, but they are extracted using a specially constructed buildings, as previously mentioned, their player gets to increase its level of development and completed missions. With the help of these crystals can be to increase the flow of his argument of a particular resource or to purchase a variety of elite troops, who will surely be needed to capture the opponent's base and to protect her.

Download Rules of war is not required, since this is a purely browser-based game and the rules of war should be played online. Also add that the design of gaming space and graphic effects are made at a high enough level that pleases the eye and helps to enjoy more gameplay, fully immersed in the virtual world of war and battles unsurpassed.


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