Total Domination

Alternative names: Total Domination

The game Total Domination differs with memorable graphics, high-quality voice acting and wide opportunities for interaction between players.

System requirements

System requirements will please everyone: in order to try your hand at post-apocalyptic battles you will only need a computer and the Internet. Loans are received as a tax on the population of the sector. More people - more money.

  • Crystals - can be obtained by raising the level and for completing tasks. This is a universal resource for which all others are acquired.



The technology tree promises the player a treasure of knowledge and a carriage of opportunity. Each new technology is opened only after studying all the previous ones on the branch. Some of them can not be studied without building certain buildings. And, accordingly, many buildings in the sector can not be built until certain technologies have been studied.


In the game there are many different buildings, each of which performs its role. In total, there are 5 types of facilities, as well as the opportunity to expand the sector and use the services of the Black Market. Available building categories:

  • Resource - any buildings associated with obtaining uranium, titanium or credits.
  • Command - coordinating centers of various kinds.
  • Military - bases and factories for the production of military equipment.
  • Protective - defensive structures, such as walls, gates, towers and guns.
  • Decorative - additional useful decorations of the sector. For example, a robot repairman.


The player is available 4 types of troops, each of which offers a choice of a huge number of units:

  • Infantry.
  • Armored vehicles.
  • Artillery.
  • Aviation.

Process of the game

Total Domination online allows you to develop your own sector by extracting resources, building buildings and learning technology. The successful distribution of existing forces will allow them to expand their possessions and strengthen the army. On the world map, in addition to your sector, there are sectors of other players, as well as free locations that can be robbed or protected from looting. In the game Total Domination locations - a sure source of additional experience and even military units. Explore and attack to replenish your resources. Entering the clan, you will receive additional bonuses. In the end, are there many chances for a single person to keep his position on the battlefield?

How to win without a donat?

The game provides for the possibility of obtaining additional virtual"buns"for real money. Some players are quite happy with this opportunity, but others categorically refuse to invest something in the game world. Can I win without a donat? Yes. The Total Domination strategy is free to play. Not only play, but also win. To do this, you need patience and knowledge of all the features of the game, its economy and strategy of waging war. But the main weapon in your hands will be diplomacy. Communicate with other players, look for friends and allies, join the clan and no donators will be able to defeat you.

The game Total Domination impresses with its post-apocalyptic entourage and scope. This strategy provides extensive opportunities for interaction between players: you have to find allies, secure your sector from enemies, attack the sectors of rivals, trade with neighbors. In Total Domination play is recommended for fans of MMO games.


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