Primal Carnage

Alternative names: Primal Carnage

Game Primal Carnage is a multiplayer online game that you must play as a team. Naturally, you can try to play olinochku but usually it forces players lacked. This game was created in the style shooter or a third party. In Primal Carnage game you must take one of the sides: the side of the people or dinosaurs.


In game Primal Carnage registration under the force of any user. For, in order to register in the game Primal Carnage You will need:

1) Specify your email address.

2) a password.

Play the game Primal Carnage you will be selecting your class. The game has the following classification classes:

- People. They have the following specifics:

1. Mercenaries are qualified, but alone they will cope.

2. Scientist - they use a sniper rifle, a stun gun.

3. Commando is a mercenary who uses fire power. Uses an assault rifle, a grenade launcher.

4. Ranger is a guide, who is hiding in the jungle. Weapon Ranger - this shotgun.

5. Trapper is a real hunter. Catcher weapon is a gun that shoots network.

6. Pyro - his character is difficult to sustain, it is very short-tempered. Pyro weapons - grenade.

- Dinosaurs. There were only six and they are quite predatory and very dangerous

1. Tyrannosaurus Rex. This is a very heavy class. They can cause enormous harm and make the most injury. But its size prevented him from fighting, making it an easy target. His attack - it's bite and trample.

2. Raptor. This is a class that can constantly attack the enemy. Raptor Attack - a blow claws and bite, and throw.

3. Dilofozavr. This class is a support class. He can attack the enemy at close range as well as the far. His main attack - a poisonous bite.

4. Pteranodon. This class is real intelligence. They look down and say, other dinosaurs, where their enemies. Primary Attack Pteranodon - it bite and grip.

5. Karnotavr. This average strength class. In battle, they use their unique speed and your weight to defeat the enemy. Attack of this class - and a bite powerful header.

6. Spinosaurus - a new dinosaur that is a substitute for the famous T-Rex. He looks like a Tyrannosaurus, but it is much more powerful blows.


In Primal Carnage game online play as you will be in normal mode, and the possibility of using bots and game singpleera.

The game Primal Carnage online should be up to five classes. You use them as a team. Dinosaurs can only be controlled from a third party, but the people from the first.

Sign up online game Primal Carnage for free and enjoy the time spent. Become one of the warring parties and win a complete victory.

Be sure that luck is always with you, and most importantly online game Primal Carnage always lift your mood and distract from the everyday routine.

Good luck to you in the world of gaming battles Primal Carnage online!





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