Project CARS

Alternative names: Project CARS
Kars Project - an unusual approach to the standard races. Yes, of course, this project can be attributed to the genre of simulation, however it has several fundamental differences that make it unique and unique. The basic characteristics and differences of the game we will discuss below. In the meantime, tell that as the main developer of the programmers were Sligtly Mad Studios, however, until the end of 2012, anyone could make their own adjustments to the project. Project CARS pc produced with the support of many familiar Kickstarter. Noteworthy is the fact that the main funding for the project was carried out by players who have become members of WMD - the main method of cooperation with Kickstarter-ohm. However, unlike the latter, participants PC could not only sponsor the main stages, "office", but also took an active part in the formation of the gameplay, the development of basic graphic and sound elements. All those gamers who play Project CARS solemnly granted Tool Pack - a set of basic elements that were able to get access to a test project assembly. Studying the game carefully, they can share experiences, to show displeasure with some details, advise something. All this could prodelyvat solely on WMD-closed forum. By the way, our Project CARS review can not talk about that all participants WMD-community get up to 70%of the profits from the sold copies of the game. As mentioned above, to become one of the lucky participants of the closed club geymerskogo everyone could until the end of 2012, after this fundraiser was closed and set in WMD stopped. Developers have stated that the main target audience of the project - those players who prefer to "waste time" on aggressive race, but those gamers who love to play in the style of Gran Turismo, will not be disappointed. In Project CARS will play everyone - for every type of gamer, the project prepared various assistants to manage. The new game engine works on recycled Madness, which can be most knowledgeable known for NFS Shift. It helped get rid of inhibitions Project, the most annoying part of the players. In addition, once you manage to download Project CARS, and you can start the gameplay, you will see that this is not all the benefits of the game. To date, the project can safely boast remarkable dynamism, perfectly thought out day and night changes and, best of all, - realism. Statistics last factor is the most important - it is not enough realism in many games because of this they are easily bored with the majority of gamers. Even from descriptive prepared for the official presentation of Project CARS video trailer you can see that the project is really boasts a huge number of advantages and extraordinary innovation, imagine what you will experience when you are able to do it personally testing!

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