Prototype 2

Alternative names: Prototype 2

The first part of the game prototype was accepted by gamers for "cheers". The project is very clearly demonstrated how people can live, endowed with special abilities of "mere mortals", brutal mutants and monsters. The public's attention from the first minute of the game riveted the protagonist - Alex Mercer, who with his charisma and force able to balance all the gameplay. By the way, with the main character and is connected first surprise prepared Prototype 2 pc. If you re hoping to meet a favorite Mercer, then you will be a slight disappointment - now instead will need to play aggressive black officer who lost his family because vyrusa allegedly issued Alex.

In general, it is worth noting that the game Prototype 2 on the one hand very much like its predecessor, but on the other hand seems to be completely unique and unique project. This only fuels the public interest. More aggressive mood forced to concentrate on the game, watching closely all the actions of the characters and analyzing them.

As mentioned above, the game Prototype 2 on the computer will be changed protagonist - called cynical Negro James Heller. He pursues only one goal - to take revenge on all those who in one way or another connected with the creation and spread of the virus throughout the state. First of all, James, of course, would like to avenge Alex, but after meeting with Mercer also adversely affected by the virus. Immediately overcome several degrees mutations Heller, freed from any moral standards, is sent to the execution of its mission.

To start the game, you will need to have to download Prototype 2. Do it quickly and easily by visiting the store page Steam, where the installation file is only worth $ 30. After setting up a project, you can start the game. If you've played the first part, you will certainly notice one major difference - just after the start of gameplay protagonist has most of the skills and abilities that Mercer received only after performing certain tasks. To the captured video of Prototype 2 trailer perfectly clear that James prerasno can run on walls, fly in the sky and throw cars like the tennis balls. One can only imagine what a force Heller will have at least the middle of the game!

Game Prototype 2 will demonstrate how appetite can have a superman. Do you personally see how James swallows prey whole and at the same time for a fully takes its shape, this feature, by the way, allows us to implement the most crazy strategy. So, swallowing some guardian of order, you can, armed with a gun, run from the base unnoticed. Eaten monsters appearance does not change, but empower their abilities.

Looking at the shot for the game Prototype 2 trailer video, inadvertently struck by the scale of the project.


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