Bird Town

Alternative names: Bird Town
Bird Town game is a game in the world where you have to carry out their own bird life. For a while, you will not touch anyone. You will manage your business and bird just enjoy warm days. But soon will come to your premises evil cats and break all the rest. Because of this, you will need to leave your home and go to find a new home. After a long search, you will find your green lawn. However, this does not make life easier for you, you will need to re-do landscaping their homes. Bird Town game online is a new economic strategy. Here is your chief strategist bird that tries to find all over the world place. Play Avian town you start with a short course. Thanks to it you will be able to liberate the territory, build houses, and begin to carry out their own first quest. Game Bird Town in contact requires a personal account and launch the application. The game is free to play Avian town you start with an introduction to a bird of the opposite sex. Throughout the game, this bird may become your friend and maybe even more. You will also be given at the beginning of start-up capital for your arrangement, but rather to create a new clearing. In the game store you have the opportunity to purchase everything you need for yourself. This product contains the following sections: 1. Building - it is the first section in which you can buy residential, recreational home, public, industrial facilities; 2. Farming is one of the most important sections in which you buy a variety of trees and shrubs; 3. Business refers to the section in which you will acquire trays and businesses to create their activities; 4. Decor - is the most interesting section, in which you get the buildings, fences, as well as track and flora; 5. Fertilizers - is the section where you can purchase different types of fertilizers; 6. Energy - is the section where you can purchase energy to carry out their affairs; 7. Resources - is the money which you are buying the necessary facilities for their operations; 8. Money - this is the resource for which you can "skupovyvatsya" in-game store. In this game, there are several types of currencies: 1. Ptitsebaksy. 2. Coins. Ptitsebaksy are paid currency, you can purchase it for votes. Unlike ptitsebaksov coins earned a lot easier. You can get them, if you will, handing over their houses to other birds. To build structures, you will need to begin to clear the whole territory, but rather to remove unnecessary rocks, trees, and weeds. After taking actions you'll spend your energy. Energy in Game Bird Town free restored automatically or charge for play voice. Voices in the game are proportional to the amount of energy. If you like games of this format, the game Avian town for you.

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