Hero's Way

Alternative names: Hero's Way

Ig Hero's path: epic and stylish.

World of fantasy with his dragons, elves, demons and other fantastic creatures became familiar and familiar. Lovers of this genre have gone through thousands of roads, surrounded by unicorns and fairies, and therefore it is quite difficult to surprise them. However, from time to time developers dawns on a great idea, and now, before the players, there seems to be a familiar world, but with new interweaving of wonders.

K such fun browser-based multiplayer game Path of the hero. It contains all the creatures mentioned, magic also has not gone away, but the secret ingredient steampunk has appeared. Now, in addition to the usual weapons for such scenes, there is an additional category of gunshot arsenal. Retro shotgun looks next to a double-edged sword and the magician's staff quite creative. And how justified is her appearance in this kingdom, you will understand when you start the path of the hero to play. The rest will have to deal with such things:

  • Create Hero
  • Fit him with stylish weapons
  • Take care of the farm
  • To participate in fights with other players
  • Warring demons and their bosses

Heroes and their capabilities.

According to tradition, every toy has the opportunity to choose the main actor:

  • Mag cleverly weaves the formulas of magic, directing them against the enemy.
  • The warrior is the strongest, inflicts fatal wounds and withstands enemy attacks for a long time.
  • Hunter with a keen eye that allows you to track down prey and deliver a quick, accurate strike on the target.
  • Ubihitsa ruthless to the demons who are tearing the city apart. You can rely on it in any circumstances.

Having chosen an image, you can play the game Hero's Way. Develop the skills of the one with whom you decided to go to the Twilight City, which was ruled by the main lord, but was never able to protect the inhabitants from the army of the rebel demons. Now only one way to mobilize forces and give a decisive rebuff. Further actions are not unexpected. As always in such situations, it is necessary to improve the hero. There are different ways for this, and each is important in its own way.

What should be the soldiers? Of course, strong, hardy, fast, agile, apt, cunning. All these qualities will be honed in numerous battles and quests, but first you will find the path of the hero registration. Strengthen the characteristics of mined or obtained during the development of objects, which also in turn should be improved. You will definitely need all kinds of guns, strong armor, hardened blades. Even the staffs of the magician undergo a kind of evolution, and there are different species. Growing and striving will always be where, the main thing is to actively participate in the events.

V iPlayer The path of the hero provides for a guild system, and if you join one of them, you will receive strong support from other gamers. With them you can unite for dangerous trips to the dungeon. If you manage to deal with petty demons yourself, then their boss is just waiting for a chance to crush a gaping loner. Wanting to overcome the main demon and get useful resources, it is better to act together. You can still go to the arena and act in a duel, proving to others the advantage.

Also, being in the guild, to be engaged in gardening. You all correctly understood the development of the farm is included in the list of tasks of the gameplay. And if you take care of it with no less responsibility than approaching to participate in the battle, you will receive very good bonuses. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that the game came out beautiful, thoughtful, dynamic, with an interesting blot of science fiction along with the usual fantasy elements.


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