Way Hero

Alternative names: hero game

Warrior's Way Online - a free multiplayer online game, made in the genre of RPG has arrived to us straight from distant China. Online game Warrior's Way is notable is the fact that its basis is the historical past of her homeland. Similar products in virtually no modern igroproma and basically most of them rely on different fictional universes.

Join in the game Warrior's Way is quite simple and clear to anyone who wants to try to play the game online Warrior's Way. You only need to enter your username, password and activate your account via email and voila - registration Warrior's Way over.

Path of the hero online game is not simple. As mentioned earlier, the historical past, which served by the setting for the game was made with due meticulously, although with some discrepancies. Painfully fantastic look impressive armor and huge swords, but this is not now. The game is set in the time of the Three Kingdoms - a rebirth of the samurai era and the flourishing of Confucianism in China. Incidentally, an interesting feature of the game is that during gameplay you will have to peruse the basics of Confucianism and Chinese history at the time, and even pass the exams in these subjects. Agree, pretty extraordinary move.

In a nutshell - it is in the game by representatives of the three kingdoms wrestle with each other for the opportunity to hold territories and buildings that provide residents of their state and the right pleasant bonuses.

An interesting feature of the gameplay is the complete absence of a binding character and class. Developing your avatar is only in your hands, and the ability of each class and each fighting style are available to you at any time. The only things which urge you to think - so it's on your demand hybrid class, as is well known, inter-class balance was coined not casual and not in vain, and it means that the characters are going strictly by one branch will demand more than representatives of hybrid development.

Interestingly, in far away China is very sharp discrepancies relate to gaming, which means that if you specified when registering their sex female, then play the game online Warrior's Way you can only character-a woman. Here is such a whim Chinese developers can significantly spoil the gaming experience to all the men who love to create female characters and vice versa. Way Hero Game Online is not tired various tricks to amaze us developers, designed to lure already experienced players in their networks.

An interesting aspect of this online game is to have a bot game right out of the box. It is very easy due to the fact that some tasks, which by the way many crazy, cause the killing of several thousands of monsters and do it yourself, though it is possible, but it would take a massive amount of time. Most experience points earned character for successful execution of tasks. Besides the main quest line there is a family, clan, and of course the daily quests.

Pet lovers love pets system implemented in the game for "cheers". You can acquire a mount or assistant who will share with you lessons learned and from time to time to patch your stuff. Play Warrior's Way much better with friends, and here's why.

The social component of the game is made on the level. Apart from the usual clans, players can join in the family. Highest level of development and career growth - the title of Emperor, which, judging by the setting, the game only three. In the Warrior's Way can play without knowing Chinese.

Game perfectly localized into Russian and is in the process of open beta testing. Do not loiter, install the game and become one of the most powerful imeratorov Three Kingdoms.


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