Ways Stories

Alternative names: Ways Stories

Ways Stories online - this collective multiplayer real-time strategy, received the 2011 award for "Best Newcomer". Ways Stories online game begins with the fact that you are given a small village during the Stone Age, you'll need to develop, doing construction, the development of science and technology.

Ways Stories Online game does not raise any special requirements for the computer player, the main requirement - Internet connection.

Join in the game Way Stories requires entering the name under which you will appear as in the game, e-mail and password, as well as an indication of your gender. If you have a bonus code for the game, and you need to enter it. If you're already familiar with the basics of the game, you can during the course of history online registration and set values ​​for additional settings, such as the choice of race, continent, and climate of the city.

At the time, when you play in the course of history, you can choose which way you head development - will the mighty warrior-conqueror of the land, or famous scientists making the discovery or astute politician warring word, or, finally, a merchant who braided the whole world web of trade routes. Way of the Warrior takes the most time that you spend every day playing this game, as your neighbors can quickly overtake you on the development and the number of troops.

First you will be available to all three types of resources:

- Knowledge

- Food

- Wood.

In general, when you play the game Way Stories online, you will have a huge variety of resources

- Basic (knowledge, food, wood, metal, money)

- Strategic (granite, pack animals, uranium, sulfur, fuel, aluminum),

- Growth resources (fruit, various cereals, meat, fish),

- Cultural (wine, jewelry, clothing, music, movies).

Ways Stories online game has a very developed trade relations between the players, so all resources except knowledge, you can successfully trade.

To play Path of History, you need to decide for which race you play. All in game three races: Europeans, Asians, Indians. Each race has its own characteristics, as well as weapons and troops.

In addition, the game provides for the development of a variety of landscapes, which have their own specific production and resource deposits. In the game there are 4 types of landscapes:

- Meadows,

- Steppe

- Desert

- Snow.

Also, your village can be located either on the continent or in the coastal zone. On each of the servers available five continents, each with its own unique landscape.

Warriors are traditionally located in the meadows, there is much more convenient to keep fighting. Scientists settle in the desert, it simultaneously protects them he attacks neighbors, as well as provides the necessary resources for the development of science. In any case experienced players recommend to have friendly relations with the neighbor-warrior for mutually beneficial cooperation.

You can play the game online Ways Stories and not be afraid that it would be possible large bias in favor of any one sphere or neighbors suddenly happen breakthrough. All scientific knowledge and technological progress very closely intertwined, besides, the game is no clear division into epochs. All in the game about 150 different scientific fields.

His village you can combine with others to get the country. In this case, the lagging players automatically catch up to the level of scientific and technological development. The goal is to build a spaceship.

At this point in the game there are three servers - Large test world, the Earth and the Apocalypse. Register Ways Stories goes into the world 12 "Apocalypse".


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