Quantum Rush

Alternative names: Quantum Rush
Game Quantum Rush - a new project of the Berlin developer of online games - studio GameArt Studio. Quantum Rush online multiplayer racing is an online game that is under development. Quantum Rush game unfortunately not yet Russified, available in English and German. In Quantum Rush play will be very interesting, as it is a competitive game where you can play up to 20 people. Quantum Rush registration is quite simple, but in order to play in Quantum Rush need to get the key for the closed beta test, or just be willing to participate in the beta test on the official website of the game. Very user-friendly interface of the game (a small number of menu items) makes the game accessible and understandable. Carried out on the original race car, which are of three kinds: 1 - the main focus is on speed and agility; 2 - the main focus is on energy management, as they have a thick shields, they can knock off another's shields and weapons; 3 - have excellent maneuverability, making it difficult to hit them from the enemy's weapons. You can also deliver improved modules for existing equipment and buy other fireballs. In Quantum Rush online game has three modes: Reference (for reconnaissance and appliances) and two others. Death Race - you can destroy your opponent to win at any cost; Speed ​​Race - No weapons, can only rely on speed and agility; Practice mode - you can play to understand control. Management set up very well as a keyboard and controller. Locations until a little, but they varied, which is very pleasing. The atmosphere in the game is very reminiscent of scenes from the movie "Star Wars." In Quantum Rush online game you have the ability to customize your car, change the appearance and color. Guns in Quantum Rush built in gliders, they can be used at any time (as long as the glider will not overheat). At the first stage, each glider has a standard set of tools that can be replaced by more powerful ones. All types of weapons (except laser) can provide a variety of charges. Laser weapons are not suitable rockets, but only plasma and laser charges. Weapons in the game Quantum Rush can be divided into four types: 1 - not automatic firearms, which produces one-shot at the touch of a button; 2 - automatic weapons, pressing produces several shots (amount depends on the rate of fire of the weapon); 3 - The gun that one shot may issue a charge projectiles; 4 - Laser weapon that produces a continuous beam. You can also select the type of ammunition and three: - Directed energy weapons (eg: Plasma weapons charge), which cause great damage to the screen, but is ineffective against armor; - Directed energy weapons (laser charge), which affects both the screen and armor through targeted point heat; - A weapon that causes great damage to armor. Such weapons are rockets. But against such weapons ineffective screens. As you can see, the game Quantum Rush online you can choose any weapon and weapon selection depends on your playing style. Just experiment with the different weapons, ammunition, and then you realize that you need. Since the game is still under development, the development of branches is left to the fifth level, but further planned expansion to the tenth level. Sound until the game is not particularly impressive, while the sounds of engines and muffled sound alike. But soundtracks podobranny very well. Motives Drum 'n' Bass and Dubstep bit complement this futuristic game. System requirements: dual core processor, 2 GB of RAM.

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