RAGE: Campaign Edition

Alternative names: RAGE: Campaign Edition

Processor: Core 2 Duo / Athlon 64 X2 2 GHz


Video Card: GeForce 8800/Radeon HD 4200

Disk Space: 25 GB


Rage: Campaign Edition - a special expanded edition of the popular computer game that combines elements of several popular game genres. Game Wrage is a volatile mix between a first person shooter, dashing racing cars and leveling system in the best traditions of classic role-playing games. Unique dynamic atmosphere of the game will carry us Reydzh world experienced a global catastrophe, where the main goal of any of its inhabitants - to stay alive. The basis for the game world was taken universe post-apocalyptic world described in the popular Hollywood movie "Mad Max", where everything is decided by force of arms and the speed of the residues collected parts of vehicles.




Rage, a game, showing all the horrors of post-apocalyptic world, survived a terrible global catastrophe. In 2004, scientists found the sheer size meteorite hurtling at full speed to the planet Earth and clash with them inevitable. Governments of all countries of the world are united in a common project called "The Ark", when a plurality of underground storage of provisions, ammunition and equipment, there is also immersed capsules with people immersed in suspended animation. They will have to rebuild human civilization after the disaster. In 2029, an asteroid crashes into the planet's surface and most of the world's population is killed, destroyed entire cities. Raised after the asteroid impact dust covers the heavens and the world begins "nuclear winter." Several years later, the dust settles and Arkdwellers selected on the surface to re-build the world civilization. Only beloved human habit, even in the face of a common danger is difficult to unite them and representatives of different shelters start a bloody war for supremacy on the planet right. It was at this point the game Reydzh opens for us as for the main character of the story.




Rage, a game where trash collection pasture one of the most fun and necessary training. For the most part, all that you will find will be a banal rubbish that you can then sell for a little money, but sometimes you will come across and useful things or parts of these useful things. History of the world since the disaster and to time direct narrative reflects very poorly, and even found a book you will not be even catch a flick through, they will fit just as banal waste paper, which is commonly used in Reydzh kindling cold desert nights.




Rage At present a small crafting system and when you will be quite bored by the endless walks the wastelands, and do not stop the shootings with a huge amount of bloodthirsty enemies, then you can sit in a secluded corner and make something out of your trash picked up. So you can make a small fighting robot or a machine-gun turret, which can be of great assistance to deal with enemies, although in this case, your participation in the shootings may not be necessary. Rage: Campaign Edition - version of the popular game platforms designed specifically for Mac OS, where in addition to the classic single-player campaign were added two additional package additions, including «Anarchy Edition» and «Sewers».


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