Rage of Titans

Alternative names: ROT

Online Game Rage of Titans or simply (ROT) - a mix of real-time strategy with RPG. Established in the famous Dota genre (DotA style games), Rage of Titans online very quickly became successful in its sector and has already been chosen for the World Cyber ​​Games (international championship kiberigram). Unique game system, a variety of characters, different ways of their development and opposition throughout the game - "Rage of the Titans" fascinates and captivates immediately. Before you give yourself to absorb this fantasy world, of course, to register Rage of Titans. Nothing complicated is it is not and only takes a few minutes. To do this, create an account on GameNet, by entering the email address and password. By the way, users of social network "Vkontakte" registration in the game Rage of Titans is not needed, simply authorize.

Thus, by choosing how you will get to Rage of Titans online registration, and successfully completed, start creating your character. You will be provided a large selection of characters (more than thirty dozen + a few dozen in the store), each of which is of the order of 9-10 characteristics (attack speed, intelligence, and so Counterspell ) And divine skills that can be changed during the game, as well as develop through runes. To play the game Rage of Titans online, decide which of the opposing races will join you - the Saints or the Fallen (humans and demons). Each character has its own semi-magic weapon - the flying dagger, shield, heavenly candle, fired an arrow, etc. More detailed features of heroes you can find out by going through the options: "Game" - "Heroes."

With what face those who decided to play Rage of Titans? Here there are several game modes, each of which brings its "use" of your character:

- In the captain's mode, you can develop your character, and, on the map it will only (no other players)

- Auto-mode command definitions (based on a random selection of characters) will bring you the experience in other modes it does not earn;

- Mode "all heroes" will open in front of you all the players participating (except of course paid)

- Mode "twins" involves equivalent (equally-opposing) characters;

- And, of course, Rage of Titans play with bots available.

Rage of Titans online game with a special dynamic. Reaction is vital (for the characters, of course), the tactics of opponents often not predictable fights go without breaks that actually attracts and keeps the tension. Armed with a magic weapon, magic artifacts Zaim (flying carpet, for example) and choosing allies, you have to choose the battlefield and perform one of the honorary mission (destroy the enemy tree, or him a number of times). Game Rage of Titans Online provides the player a choice of two fields for battle (2 cards with the game 5 × 5) - "Valley of Heroes" and "Eye of Titan." Each can receive a certain portion of bonuses: money, experience, gold, upgrade equipment, new skills, gain characteristics.

Play game Rage of Titans online you will be able to fully and completely without monetary investment, doing in-game currency. It can earn for the victory. Besides having them (wins) in a sufficient amount, your hero can take part in the auction and get useful artifacts.

Graphically, the game worked and musically impressive, and in general it all in abundance. So, I think, play online game Rage of Titans will be happy to not only fans of Doty.


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