Alternative names: RamiKubic
RamiKubic game with one hand is very simple, and on the other intelligent and exciting. It combines several well-known and have long been loved games: dominoes, rummy, chess and mahjong. It may participate in two to four players at the same time, and it will be interesting sufficiently wide age range. The action itself is happening here on the beach. Important and enjoyable moment for most gamers is that RamiKubic provided free of charge to the general public. RamiKubic online consists of one hundred and six cards, which contain one hundred four numbers and two jokers. On the cards depict the numbers from one to thirteen four colors (red, orange, black, blue). Each combination of colors and the number may be repeated two times per game. At the very beginning of the game in front of you is laid face down on the chips. Then you take one of them does the same thing and the opponent, who is with the greatest trick the numerical value of one, and starts the game, and then clockwise. After that, each player must collect himself fourteen chips, and the remaining will be the bank. In the first round, you must use the fourteen-chip gain at least twenty points. In RamiKubic play is pretty easy, but you should be careful! All the money in the game are classified into two types: Group - a set of three or four pieces with the same number and a different color; Several - a set of three or more consecutive numbers of the same color. Your task is to place these rows and the total number of groups of thirty or more, if this does not work then take another piece of the bank, and the turn passes to the next player. All actions in the game are limited in time and if it was not possible to invest, then the chips are returned to the original position, and from the bank you get three chips as a penalty. The chip, which is called the Joker can replace any chip. The winner is the one who gave all of their tiles first ever stayed with the fewest points. When you start to play the game RamiKubic for your convenience, this includes a number of useful keyboard combinations. In particular command on the keyboard 123 help you streamline the chips. Well as the appearance, of any question, you have the ability to instantly consult. To do this, just press the little tedious button in the upper left corner of the screen. You also can change the contrast of the display, to enable or disable chat and sound effects. To start the game you need to go to the official website of the game and perform there the registration process, which consists of the following items: Enter your e-mail; Please enter your screen name; Enter the password invented; Repeat the password; Confirm your acceptance of the user agreement; Click RamiKubic registration. And now you can be accepted for this very intellectual game. After all, what could be better than spending an evening or just pass the time in this interesting process.

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