Rats Online

Alternative names: RATS Online

Game rats: study the life of rodents.

If you are accustomed to the roles of noble knights, commanders, and power of kings, managing armies, cities and whole countries, Rats game you will descend from the sky to the ground. Forget the lush courtyards, elegant streets and the enforcement of laws in the world of rats – a completely different layout, and they live in basements, sewers, and other places where the dark and deserted.

Listen and you will hear a rat fuss. To see what the whole day engaged in rodents, rats begin free play, and head a small force, to turn it into a cohesive army.



Hail rat kingdom!

If this form tailed thieves you do not fall into a swoon, and do not run at breakneck speed, to play a game you enjoy rats. This is an incredibly skillful combination of simulation, strategy, and action Tamagotchi, which will develop the rat kingdom, establishing and heading his tribe.

cheese paradise awaits you if you enough dexterous and cunning thieves, dragging flavored product in a special storeroom. The cheese here is the suspension currency, and with it you can win the rat army of the enemy, his soldiers overfeed.

You have to get into the 10 rooms filled with cheese, and steal him from under the nose of competitors. If you are unable – cheese sent to the barrel, and the points are recorded on your account. If not, all gathered in this room burn cheese glasses, and access to the room is covered.

are also to accumulate the rat heart, which can be obtained if the overfeed stranger so that he gave up the ghost. These souls will be useful to create a new rat, who will join your army is. This occurs by crossing rodents. When they are ready for it, over their heads appear hearts. Allow them to retire behind the screen for an intimate process, and then get in the squad of the new fighter.

Players will Rats registration, and further study of sewage and search pantries with surprises. If you are lucky enough to find a chest in it you will find a lot of useful stuff, but open it out, just doing the job from the list, for example, to steal the required amount of cheese, overfeed foreign rat, several times to steal cheese and overfeed rat. But if you do not want to carry out some tasks, but to gain access to the chest, have to spend on krysobaksy.

Going through the levels, you'll get new features – talents wards and different tools, such as rat-trap guarding the entrance to your room. After a visit unbidden will look not only to you, you also pay a visit, with the same objectives.

Going through the levels, you get on their completion points for their actions:



Evolyutsiya rats.

  • Karmannik
  • Dusheprikazchik
  • Kostolom
  • Ohotnik for sokrovischami
  • Chempion
  • Svodnik

– Rat people are very prolific, and their families, there is a clear hierarchy. The iPlayer Rats you 'll be able to control the process of reproduction and distribution of posts. For example, when you cross two gray little rat, we get a royal, but access to higher statuses open throughout the game.

    • Vorovstvo
    • Dobycha
    • Zaschita
    • Ataka

    Svoe influence has even appearance, and if priodenete characters in different costumes, they will do better. Grey

  • Levels 1-5
  • – Royal 6-10 urovni
  • Angel – 11-15 urovni
  • Dyavol – 16-20 urovni
  • Vampir – 21-25 urovni
  • Dzhoker – 26-40 urovni

Vazhno constantly pumped tailed army, improving such characteristics:

Playing in Rats Online, you will get the opportunity to participate in PvP battles to fight in the tournament, capturing the dungeon with the treasure, develop their own kingdom.


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