Rayman Legends

Alternative names: Rayman Legends
Rayman Legends Game is an exciting computer game, which was developed in the genre of platforming game series Rayman. In this game you will learn about the adventures of Reyman and his best friends. This game is a direct continuation of a series of games - Rayman Origins. Initially the game Rayman Legends was designed as an exclusive work for Wii U. But after that, it was later decided to develop it for other major platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Rayman Legends game download you have the opportunity with the official site or from any other that provides this access. Download game Rayman Legends can only grown users, for persons under the age of majority, to access the game is closed. Before the game you can see the video Rayman Legends. In the videos, and represents the brightest moments of the main game. Game Rayman Legends obzorraskroet features highlights: the story of the game, the gameplay, and the main game moments. The game has several characters: Rayman, and Globoks Tinzi blithely slept for a full century. At this time, under the leadership of nightmares Bubble Dreamer much increased in strength and numbers. Besides it has become much more dark magician (who survived the deadly battle in the first game). One of the characters, Murphy went to wake her friends, and then tell them about the disturbing news: ten princesses (including Barbara), as well as others were abducted tinzi most terrible nightmares army. The protagonist Rayman and his friends seek to defeat the insidious enemy, rescue prisoners of enemies, as well as clean your house from enemies. The most notable innovation in gameplay Rayman Legends pc - the ability to manage not only the protagonist Reymanu, but his friend - Murphy. Earlier this character was just next door, and now helps in passing many levels, moving platforms, moving obstacles out of the way and cutting off the ropes, which were suspended prisoners. In versions of the game for the Wii U, and PlayStation Vita games with heads Murphy looks at the highest level and have full potential of cooperative games. Character you have to manage with a touchscreen, while helping major players with gamepads. If you play Rayman Legends will be on other platforms or in single mode, the situation is slightly more complicated. In this case, each Murphy will just fly up to the neighbor and will be an interactive object to interact with it on the same team. To do this, you will need to keep pace with the time, press the corresponding button. In this game can participate up to four players, as well as up to five - it is only available in a version for Wii U. Two players available for you in the version for PlayStation Vita. The game also has a multiplayer mode and competitive Kung Foot. This mode is a two-dimensional variant on the theme of football. Immerse yourself in the world of events and exciting adventures along with Rayman Legends!

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