Realm of the Mad God

Alternative names: Realm of the Mad God

If you like games in the genre of "fantasy", this project is for you. Game Realm of the Mad God - what you need to relax in your free time and spend it fun and interesting. It is a multiplayer online game that does not require you to install any additional software or clients. So that you can play directly from your favorite browser. The main distinguishing feature of the game - the comic genre in which it is executed. To date, the game boasts an army of fans, which is replenished daily with new and new participants.

As you can see from the title, Realm of the Mad God online - a game which takes place in the kingdom, which is ruled by mad god. This, of course, affects all other inhabitants of the kingdom. In the game you expect a huge number of levels, each of which you will have to wait for the dreaded monster. Since this is a multiplayer game, the tradition you can join with other players and try to win the collective efforts of all the enemy forces. Interface project fits her mood - a positive, good-natured, comedic.

Since we are talking about the online game, it should be noted that for the beginning of gameplay in Realm of the Mad God registration is required. At this point in the project no adaptation for Russian gamers, but about whether it has been translated into Russian in the near future, we do not undertake to say. However, this fact should not confuse you. As an experienced player, you will be able to deal with everything on their own and even without a dictionary - intuitively. A year ago, the game was tied to Steam.

To begin the registration process, you must pass the appropriate link «Register», which is located in the upper right corner of the game screen.

You will see the registration form by filling you can start in the Realm of the Mad God play. Read carefully all the hint system, so it will be easier to fill in form fields. You will need to enter your login password, and provide system administration your email address.

The main goal of the game, as mentioned above, - kill monsters. To do this, each player will be given weapons. Most controls implies a collective game. For every achievement for all successfully completed the mission and tasks of the project participants players receive experience points needed to qualify for the next level. Then play the game Realm of the Mad God is even more interesting because of the improved ability of the character and appearance of new monsters. Collectively earn points much faster and easier.

To date, the game is available for all 14 major classes of characters:
















All these characters can play Realm of the Mad God is free.


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