Reborn online

Alternative names: Reborn Online

Game Reborn - a new fantasy of the world of Asgard

The more varied the plot of the game, the faster it captures the attention and more delays. The client game Reborn opens the world of Asgard with all its wonders and beauties. You will visit many battles and perform no less tasks, learn how to control magic, fight with a hammer and shoot a bow. Fancy animals and elves will accompany you, repeatedly strengthening your skills and directing movements.

You can stop looking for a toy that meets the strict criteria of an experienced gamer, since starting Reborn to play, you do not want to leave its colorful expanses and part with charismatic characters.

We meet with the heroes and their assistants

As it is a client game, you have to download Reborn, and only then go on a journey through fantasy country, explore its population and possibilities. The surprise will not be classes of characters who have become classics for such gaming products.

  • A shooter long-range fighter. From a safe distance, he treats enemies with portions of arrows, which helps his allies, who solve the problem in the vanguard. Cleverly coping with his bow, he often has a positive effect on the outcome of the battle. Among the features of the characteristics: the attack at a distance, immobilization, evasion.
  • Warriors rely on their own strength, and therefore well developed. He is not aware of fear, and he is a reliable ally, who is the first to rush into battle. These qualities characterize him: melee attack, acceleration, powerful protection.
  • Mag specializes in managing the elements, commands natural phenomena, teleports in space and causes damage to the enemy from a distance. Since he is training not the muscles, but the mind, physical contact with the enemy is contraindicated for him to die quickly. But he has no equal in enchantment. His features: witchcraft attack from a distance, teleportation, short-term invulnerability.
  • Bard does not just play music - its melodies are able to heal wounds and even resurrect fallen soldiers. If he takes other chords, the enemy drops dead. The special qualities include: healing, resurrection, reinforcing ability.

It should be noted that the choice of the hero will open no earlier than the 20th level of iPlayer Reborn. This can be attributed to the advantages, because up to this point the player will try himself in different images, cringe at the lyre, wave with a hammer, practice with spells, and when he understands what role is closer to him, he will make an informed choice.

Name your character and give him a unique look by dressing up in a suit, choosing hair color, hair style and face type. Gradually be able to make changes in appearance. Clothing is not so much an aesthetic character as practical. Gloves, armor, helmet, pants, shoes and raincoats enhance the skills of warriors, making them stronger.

The characters will be accompanied by an elf - indispensable helpers. They are divided into two types: physical and magical. The first help bards and magicians, the second - arrows and warriors. Elves, too, must constantly evolve in order to better cope with the tasks assigned to them: to influence attack and defense, move, accumulate health and increase mana points.

Game tasks

Armed with knowledge, weapons and elves, you can go in search of adventure. In the game Reborn practice defeating monsters or go to the Guild Arena and fight with other players. At each location, up to three dungeons of different levels, and wanting to master the profession of a tailor, a jeweler, a miner or another from a wide range, and then you will not be denied the desired.


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