Reborn Online

Alternative names: Reborn Online

Game Reborn - the new fantasy of the world of Asgard

The more diverse the plot of the game, the faster it captures attention and tightens. The client game Reborn reveals the world of Asgard with all its wonders and beauties. You will visit many battles and accomplish no less tasks, learn to control magic, fight with a hammer and shoot from a bow. Accompany you will be bizarre animals and elves, multiplying your skills and directing movements.

Getting the characters and their assistants

Since this is a client game, you have to download Reborn, and only then go on a trip across the country of fantasy, to study its population and possibilities.

  • Strelok the fighter of the distant plan. Dexterously coping with his bow, he often favorably influences the outcome of the battle. He is not guided by fear, and he is a reliable ally who will first rush into battle. Characterize his such qualities: near attack, acceleration, powerful protection. His features: witch attack from a distance, teleportation, short-term invisibility.
  • Bird does not just play music - its melodies are able to heal wounds and even resurrect fallen soldiers. It is worth him to take other chords, as the enemy falls dead. To special qualities are: healing, resurrection, strengthening ability.

It should be noted that the choice of the hero will not open until the 20th level of iPlayer Reborn. This can be attributed to the merits, because until this moment the player will try himself in different images, pobrechit on the lyre, waving a hammer, practicing with spells, and when he realizes what role he is closer to, he will make an informed choice.

Call the character and give it a unique look, dressing up in a suit, choosing hair color, hairstyle and type of face. Gradually, you can make changes to the look. Clothing is not so much aesthetic as practical. Gloves, armor, helmet, pants, shoes and raincoats increase the skills of warriors, making them stronger.

The characters will be accompanied by the elf - irreplaceable helpers. They are divided into two types: physical and magical. The first help bards and magicians, the latter - to the archers and soldiers. Elves, too, must constantly evolve in order to better cope with the tasks assigned to them: to influence the attack and defense, move, accumulate health and increase mana points.

Game quests

Be armed with knowledge, weapons and elves, you can go in search of adventure. In the Reborn game, practice defeating monsters or go to the Guild Arena and fight with other players. At each location, up to three dungeons of different levels, and wanting to master the profession of tailor, jeweler, miner or another of a wide range, and then you will not be denied the desired.


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