the recorder

Alternative names: Record

Game ReCore take responsibility for the survival of themselves.

Post-apocalyptic world is not just beat writers, and each offers its own idea. Not always amazed imagination of developers experienced players, but it seems that the game will ReCore that which is necessary to wait until the release in autumn 2016

Armature Studio Developer and publisher Studios Microsoft Game keep the intrigue, without telling details about the plot and other players interested in the facts, but thanks to the festival E3 and presented a video about the project managed to learn something then.

This is a product in the genres of action and fantastic quest as events occur in the future, when, after a global catastrophe on Earth almost no people. Hopefully, the release date is not moving, and & nbsp; interest in the project will allow players to download ReCore in time, although initially released an exclusive version for Xbox One, but the dates are not yet known for the PC.

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fight to live.

Imagine the situation that you are alone, and the environment is not conducive to survival. There was a horrible & ndash; robots enslave the world. They were able to almost completely destroy the people, but not all become villains. Among the cars, there are those who continue to help people, and wants to save the planet, which has become a huge desert. Large sea evaporated, the plants have died, and animals became extinct. Even people left quite a handful, and they are scattered all over the world. You can wander through the long parched earth, and not meet a soul.

Due to constant storms landscape changes and it becomes more difficult to navigate. Overcoming rocky territory and shifting sands, the heroes will meet other robots. If some have to fight, others to join us, and will go on until you reach the goal.

of developer video tells a little story. Even without the story, and a single moment of life of the heroine, who travels accompanied by a dog - robot. They are looking for other people and a way to ignite the spark of life in the planet and revive the fields, rivers, forests and a variety of wildlife.

Just a plot of two playable characters:

  • Jewel & ndash; Leading character
  • Mack & ndash; companion girl, dog - robot

Mack accompanying the girl is not just a number. It is a carrier of positive energy contained in scope, able to give life even cars. Here they find a cave, not knowing that her enemies lurk. We must act cautiously, carefully, staying alert.

Suddenly begin to appear robots with red areas inside & ndash; This killer robots. Jewel armed with a hook, which pulls out and deftly throws them energy balls of the enemy. Mack also is not on the side, and is able to protect himself and the girl, throwing stun wave. But when the enemy robots becomes too much, it is the last time too concentrated and produces a powerful charge. This kills the enemy, but the robot dog dies, leaving behind only the blue sphere. Collecting orbs will be to revive the different mechanisms, so it's one of the tasks of the game.

picked up her ball on the Jewel uses robot that gathering dust in a corner of the cave, and he comes to life. But another danger lurking bo̒lshaya very close, and the heroes deal with it, you know, when you can download ReCore after the official release.

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Closing remarks.

ReCore on PC has become the most anticipated, and promises lots of interesting adventures, which will

  • ^fight the enemies of the 24^
  • ^Explore the open world of 24^
  • tries to survive in difficult conditions
  • Use available weapons
  • 24^this quest^
  • Interact with characters to survive

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