Red Dead Redemption 2

Alternative names: RDR2

Game Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2): the life of the Wild West.

The dust after the adventures in Red Dead Redemption has not managed to settle down, as the game Red Dead Redemption 2 comes on the heels. But, although the developer in the person of the company Rockstar Studios carefully stores information concerning the plot and other game subtleties, gamers and journalists sometimes manage to collect it bit by bit. Thanks to the research it became known that the western from a third party, this is a prelude, or as the prequel is called Red Dead Redemption. Such a conclusion was made when the authors mentioned that they are working on the mechanics of the movements of John Marston, who, as is known, rested with the world. Rather, he was forced to do so. Whatever you say, a family, this is a powerful tool of pressure, if it is possessed by a skillful hand. To return to normal life, to his wife and son, the hero has to help the state services to catch his former accomplices. To catch Bill Williamson, Javier Esquel and the Dutchman, Marston rushes around the West and crosses the border with Mexico, and even comes under the command of Abraham Reyes, helping the rebels.

But even when former friends are in the hands of the agents of the bureau, in which the hero was now listed, he was not given the promised freedom. There was still"Golandets"the most dangerous of all. Once John drove him into the mountains, but he just jumped down, having committed suicide, and at the same time giving his pursuer freedom. Returning to the family, not long Marston enjoyed the idyll. Once, an army of bureau agents attacked the farm, and the hero again had to fight. His wife and son miraculously managed to flee and hide from the raiders, but John himself dies because the attackers were too many.

These events unfolded in 1911, and the next shot carried the player in 1914, when Jack's grown-up son, Jack, swears at the grave of his parents to avenge their death.

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  • Xbox One
  • Who expected to see the PC in this list will be disappointed.

    gamers will be able to choose modes:

    • One-user
    • Multipresidential

    A also platforms:

    • PlayStation 4
    • Remain lasso, knives, revolvers, rifles of different types, shotguns, torches.

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