Red Orchestra

Alternative names: Red Orchestra
Game Red Orchestra - a project from those that are not normally high expectations, and they take and "shoot." A sort of a ugly duckling in the world gaming industry. Many gamers even have no idea what lies behind the picture, as it might seem at first glance, the name (not taking into account, of course, those who are seriously interested in history and well-versed in all the nuances of the game scenes. After the first announcement of the project in its severity did not believe almost none. Any criticism or even think gamers could not get the idea that it is not the most famous team of developers based on an old engine Unreal Engine can do even a little something worth attention. But it could, and even as we could! Of course, the main feature of Red Orchestra in its anturazhnye pc. Used in the project Mosin with unusual conditions for modernity with a bayonet and hand disposal of used cartridges - is not an example? With that, please note that this weapon can do great things and help emerging victorious from the deadly battles! If to be realistic, it is necessary to note some similarities with Battlfildu impossible not to notice. Never before has the story of the Eastern Front, not "portrayed" in games, at least not awarded the title role so precisely. In Red Orchestra play will need to be careful about the events taking place. On one side - the ideological Germans, on the other - fearless warriors of the Red Army. What is surprising, especially in the light of recent events in the game are not Americans, not the fact that they appeared in "supporting roles" somewhere in the background from time to time, they just do not! Frankly, such a turn over us - the developers were able to go against the accepted rules and made the game is radically different from most existing today gaming projects. Such an initiative can not simply be encouraged, agree? To gameplay started for you, first of all (and, certainly, this news will not surprise you), you will need to download Red Orchestra. Do it quickly and easily, you can use the services of multiple torrent trackers or turning for help to the famous portal for downloading Steam, where today the cost of distribution for this game is only $ 7. It is impossible not to supplement our review of Red Orchestra story about that as soon as you enter the project in the eyes you rush it is realistic. First, the developers have managed to abandon this annoying cross-pretsela in the center of the screen, and secondly, will shoot accurately as carelessly fired bullets fly as casually. Separately, I would like to focus attention on the chart. The creators of the game is not only able to bring to life a wonderful story, but to make it truly beautiful - another plus in the treasury of the project. Of course, be immediately downloaded the project and see for yourself in all of the above, however, pre-visualize all this information can be looked Red Orchestra video.

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