Alternative names: Remanum

Is a multiplayer game Remanum free trade game where you try yourself in the role of a merchant, trying to amass wealth and reputation in the 20 cities of the Roman Empire around the Mediterranean. Play the game Remanum can indefinitely, because the game round lasts 6 months, and if you own the greatest power in the Empire, you will receive the title of emperor. But for the title will have to fight! To do this wisely manage their farms, factories and workshops, sell products, make a profit, and, of course, use the wealth for the benefit of citizens and city Remanum online.

Before playing Remanum, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128MB.

Remanum registration does not take much of your time and easy:

1. On the main page, choose the option "Register here";

2. Specify the name of the account;

3. Please enter a valid e-mail;

4. Enter a secure password and repeat it;

5. Select "Registration".

Remanum play quite interesting, because you have lots of goals! First, become a respected citizen in your city. You need to expand their territory, to produce goods and sell them commercially profitable in Remanum online. Remanum game will allow you to trade with thousands of players from all the cities of the Empire. Do not forget to bargain, because you, so get a good reputation.

The game is inspired by the unique Remanum economic system: each purchase or sale of, any shortage of stock is displayed on the global trading system, which leads to a change in market demand.

One of the goals is to increase online Remanum your property. You can build a variety of plants that produce basic materials or recycle them into more valuable products. Remanum game allows you to sell your products through the market to the locals.

In Remanum play involves building a very powerful production system: each building automatically produces the goods, if there is enough space on raw materials and stock. Your task in Remanum online will create such efficient production chains that each branch has worked quite effectively. The most valuable products produced by several co-working industries.

You can play Remanum and expand their production. With proper development, your production will provide more products. To your wealth and reputation can grow in Remanum online, you need to regularly invest in non-production buildings such as, warehouse and harbor.

Remanum game does not give primacy wealth. To help you get up to the highest level in the rank of power, you will need to donate money and goods, and to devote themselves to the welfare of the city. Regularly participate in the vote or suggest a candidate for election to Senator Remanum online. Politicians get more power and decide how to develop the city. Senator with the highest reputation would become emperor Remanum game late in the round.

Take care of your disability and cohesion in urban Remanum game! There are many different public buildings in Remanum, which apply to all citizens and players in the city.

Each game round in the game passes Remanum 6 months. The player with the best reputation in the end of the round wins the game and becomes the emperor Remanum. The city with the best reputation and the player with the most assets (by population) are awarded separately. Start building your production system Remanum online right now!


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