Remnant Knights

Alternative names: Remnant Knights

Game Remnant Knights - is an exciting game in anime style, which was created in the genre of MMO.

Remnant Knights is a free game in which events developed to measure Skalari. Mankind was locked in this dimension, but perhaps a chance that opens the portal, and people will be free.

In Remnant Knights registration is necessary for each player who wants to play a game Remnant Knights. To register in this game, you need to make sure to the following:

1. Find the desired game on the Internet, but rather the official website of the game Remnant Knights.

2. Click on the green magic ball that says «Play».

3. Next you will need to consistently follow three steps.

4. Download the game client. It appears you immediately after you press the «Play».

5. Then install the game client.

6. And after that you will be given the opportunity to complete a registration form.


Play Remnant Knights can every player who has passed all three stages of registration and who his computer has a capacity of silt as above:

Intel Pentium 4 2. 0 GHz - Processor

1 GB - RAM.

Gefore 5600 128 MB (or 128 MB Radeon 9500, Intel GMA 950) - Graphics.

Window XP - OS.

2 GB - Hard disk drive (HDD).

DirektX 9. 0c - DirekttX.


In Remnant Knights play you have the opportunity such classes

1. Forwards - this class specialize in high attack speed and high critical strikes, making it faster than almost any enemy. Forwards have low defense.

2. Dual Gunner can go for a lighter fire attack to get ahead of your enemies. With high attack speed and high critical strike possibility, Dual Gunner are invincible force that is respected by everybody.

3. Heavy Launchers were created to destroy. With their large array of weapons and attack for a long distance, they can seriously injure a great distance of their opponents.

4. Intruders are as tank on the battlefield, wreaking havoc with his decent attack power. They have a very high level of protection. Their goal - to survive it.

5. Elementalists - whether it is a class in a group with someone or alone, they have a high level magic attack different elements. Despite the lack of defense power, they make up for it with a magic crowd control skills and status effects.

6. Priests - is a healing class game Remnant Knights, descended from the Magic Circle. They want to help and support allies through healing and regeneration of those killed in battle. The priest has a higher HP compared to their counterparts.

But Remnant Knights Online You can take the path of one of these classes only to the tenth level. And before that, you will be open three major classes of games.


Remnant Knights free provide you some options, but for some parts of the game you may have to pay.

In Remnant Knights get lucky to reach the top of the game and take a leading position. You are sure to reach the goal!


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