Requiem Online

Alternative names: Requiem

Requiem Online Game - MMORPG with a fantastic client, action which takes place after the apocalypse. You find yourself in a world where mutants and continuously run hither and cyborgs. To destroy them, we have to arrange carnage. Moreover, the players themselves can not always coexist peacefully. Quite often nick between skirmishes, the winner of which goes strongest. In ancient Etergii merciless war rages, the atmosphere heated up betrayed. Becoming increasingly difficult to survive. In addition, strong and resistant Temperiony crave to seize power. Scientists are trying to stop them and are working on a secret project. Some areas of science and technology began to develop rapidly fast. The goal of each player - to destroy as many vile creatures to prevent the final catastrophe, which can lead to destruction of the whole world. Become the ranks of the brave and do your best for the sake of a brighter future!

Since Requiem Online requires no client installation, you must be sure that your computer will not let you. Check these settings:

  1. OS Microsoft Windows: XP SP3/Vista SP2 / 7 SP1;
  2. Pentium IV processor 2. 0 GHz
  3. Graphics accelerator is not below Geforce FX 5600 128 MB, with support for Pixel Shader 2. 0;
  4. DirectX 9. 0c;
  5. Free space on the hard drive 4 GB;
  6. RAM 1.5 GB.

Join in the game Requiem Online will make you a legitimate user, and you can always come back here to spend a few bloody battles. Create an account simply. Requiem Online registration is not required to provide any more information, except for your email address. Also need to agree to the rules of the project Ingamba. Then, at the e-mail address will be sent a code to activate. Use it to discover a unique virtual universe with exciting adventures.

Requiem online - this is the habitat of the four races, among which you will choose the most suitable. Bartuki (available classes - barbarian and shamans) strong and very united, unsurpassed in the melee, but pumps the knowledge of magic. Vindictive and may revenge at any moment, but also long remember well done and are willing to selflessly help friends. Ksenoa (available classes - arrows and sorcerers) - race fragile creatures are not very strong physically. However, they skillfully use magic spells and do an excellent job with the fighting in the distance. It is those with high intelligence and mind, besides their often helps agility and vigilance. Turan (available classes - warriors and templars) boast a balance between physical strength and mental abilities. They both are hardy and strong, and intelligent, and well-teachable. Do they have a unique opportunity - the ability to absorb other races. Crooks (available classes - rogues and warlocks) ideal famous murderers. This is the most arrogant, tigrish race. Their cold-blooded ruthlessness cause blood to congeal in the veins. Meetings with them are not just dangerous, but lethal.

Choose your own path of development and begin to improve with the help of genetic engineering abilities, which gives Requiem Online game character from the start. The longer you pumped - the stronger and become unbeaten!

Play the game Requiem Online - mean go through many trials. Unexpected events often occur at night. During the day the dark forces sleep, and you have the opportunity to take a breath and just look around. If your brave heart craves a good profit, go to the dungeon. For the successful passage you will be rewarded with various items of clothing, and tsennymialfa gammakseony, strong arms. Each monster killed - it is an opportunity to get a useful item. Try and your efforts will not go unnoticed!

PvP system is not just chaotic hassle. Here everything is well thought out and detailed. Each participant has the right to take part in the grand battles guild (provided that are a member of one of them), cause a hated rival to a duel or use Pla yer Kill , to kill suddenly. And another surprise, had prepared Requiem game - cross-server battles. This contest in which both sides involved about 500 gamers. Believe me, it's really amazing!

It is worth mentioning that the creators have taken care of all the details to play Requiem Online was comfortable. For example, you can use the sled transport or educate pet that will be a real helper. Impossible to describe all the benefits of this excellent game. It is better to start Requiem Online play and appreciate its own merits! You are waiting for good experiences and the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčadrenaline! Good luck!


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