Resident Evil 4

Alternative names: Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 - computer game third-person shooter. Resident Evil 4 game unfolds events in this horror film. There must always be on guard. This is part of much like its predecessors. In front of you the whole series of games. And this is just a series of huge series Resident Evil. You are waiting for the horrific monsters, rescue flight, shooting and explosions and all that accommodates game Resident Evil 4.

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In Resident Evil 4 game play is pretty simple, but of course, fun. Developments started in 2004. The protagonist of the game will release and protection of the U.S. President's daughter. This public servant has some sort of supernatural powers, but is smart enough and strong.

So, in the game Resident Evil 4, there are two main characters:

• Leon Scott Kennedy;

• Ashley Graham.

Leon Scott Kennedy - vyzvalitel president's daughter Ashley. State employee and the main character of the game. This is your character, and only him. There is one chapter in which you control a little Ashley, and that it will not have special equipment. The main task of his oberigat girl.

Ashley Graham - a daughter who was kidnapped by a religious cult. Weak character and the protagonist as a burden, because after Leon finds it, he must live and bring her home unharmed. But you can use certain buttons to control her actions, or rather ordering. It also helps your character - to show hints, climbs and opens the door to your back-breaking hero.

If you can not save the girl from the monsters, but rather, they are kidnapped or killed her, you depart from the game. ie this round fails. That is the main - Your task is to protect the president's daughter.

In use character Resident Evil 4 weapon is presented in sufficient quantity and variety. But an update is available - laser sight, which greatly simplify the process for you games.

Main enemies on your way this bloodthirsty residents of the villages - Ganado. When that simple living people and farmers. But after virus infection Las - Plagas, they become soulless monsters.

The game also presents additions, bonus modes: «Separate Ways», Assigment Ada, «The Mercenaries».

Noticed that the developers decided to still please the fans and give the best view of the game schedule, refresh it. Although not yet at the level of the best, but better than the previous parts. A sound in the intense moments of the game is quite frightening, to shiver through the body. You can not arbitrarily scared.

Download Resident Evil 4 on the site and can hasten the liberation of girls. After Ashley is waiting for your help. Do not forget to tell us about this exciting game your teammates. What would they have felt all the severity and risk of developing events.

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