Resident Evil 5

Alternative names: Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 game - multiplayer computer third-person shooter. Manufacturer company invested maximum effort and soul, but what happened in the end is not very pleased with the fans. Game Resident Evil 5 is one of the huge pieces of so-called games of the series Resident Evil. The reviews say that this is pretty much like her previous Resident Evil 4. But it is also a fascinating battle with victims of the virus.

Game Resident Evil 5, as any computer game, be sure to have a certain process before starting the game. Please Resident Evil 5 game download, and then proceed to the gameplay.

Should pay attention to the story line of events in the game. After all ensued after the incident associated with the proliferation of T - virus. These terrible fictional events unfold in 2008. In connection with this service organizovuetsya B. A. And you act as a representative.

Resident Evil 5 you start to play much after choose your character. And here they are presented as such:

• Albert Wesker;

• Chris Redfield;

• Sheva Alomar,

• Riccardo Irvan;

• Josh Stone;

• Jill Valentine;

• Excella Giono.

Albert Wesker - the leading antagonist and an experienced captain detachment of military service. Albert ally of one of the pharmaceutical companies.

Chris Redfield - the main character in the game. representative of B.

Sheva Alomar - the agent organization B. A part-time and workmate Chris.

Riccardo Irvan - negative character - bio - terrorist, working for a pharmaceutical company.

Josh Stone - Representative B. , Supreme over Sheva Alomar.

Jill Valentine - Irwin's bodyguard. Girl with enough original costume doctor.

Excella Giono - the ringleader of a pharmaceutical company, a negative character. Beautiful and arrogant person.

For defense and offense in the game Resident Evil 5 weapon is presented in the best possible way. For your use of a large variety of types of firearms: pistols, shotguns, machine guns, rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, machine guns and taser. More and weapons separately only for Sheva.

In the role of your enemies are the people who are aggressive against all - Maggini. A, respectively, after they became such viruses.

Your main goal - to destroy the pharmaceutical Mangini and digging, and to prevent further spread of the virus.

By the motive of the previous game is divided into several small pieces and six larger chapters. Completed chapter, you can replay again, possibly increasing complexity.

Before the game, we advise you to read the review of additives to see Resident Evil 5 videos. This will help to get acquainted with the game before the start of gameplay.

Then you can download Resident Evil 5 on the site. You can also invite friends and play online network that allows this version.

Note that the game's graphics improved, but weaknesses Resident Evil 4 also borrowed that is not very happy.

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