Alternative names: Revelation Online

Game Revelation Online in the style of fantasy.

Chinese developer company NetEase in 2015 released for testing on its own market a new gaming product. A year later the game Revelation became available to our contingent of players, not indifferent to the magical stories of the East, the PvE / PvP and magic battles. To its merits is the beauty of landscapes and the seamless world that you have to overcome in many ways:

  • On a personal pet
  • Shown
  • In flight
  • Using the teleport system

To charm the experienced public gamers, more than 400 developers worked on their brainchild. Every corner of the world was carefully thought through in all the details, and during the testing the participants could see for themselves. Now you can play the game Revelation, anticipating its colossal possibilities.

Immersion in virtual reality. Once inside the magnificent toy, you can admire the fantastic landscapes of the vast world. In the immense space, you will encounter friends and enemies, you will have to stop the spread of darkness, destroy the ferocious bosses, join the ranks of the guild and take the old castle by storm. To start, you need to download Revelation, and then determine for yourself the class of the hero and his image:

  • Capper
  • Small
  • Rysoon
  • Mag
  • Winter
  • Druide

As already mentioned, there are several ways to move, but the popularity of the opportunity to fly. At a certain stage, wings appear, and with their help it is easier to explore the terrain. In some areas you will find yourself in a real labyrinth of high-rise buildings, mountain ranges and dense forest, the abode of magic beasts. Having mastered the principle of piloting, this ability can be used during combat as well.

In the battlefield.

Having defined the character classification, you get it along with a certain set of qualities that you will improve. Your talents will be needed for further battles, no matter where they go in the Arena or in the lair of eerie creatures. At first it's better to gain experience and sharpen talents on ordinary small monsters. Having learned to determine their vulnerabilities, it's time to go to study more distant lands and gloomy dungeons. It is there that the most insidious, cruel, but pretty clever creatures dwell. Do not deny them and in cunning, logic and skill, but so be careful not to get trapped. For a similar mission, it's better to gather 5-10 people each, and then it's easier to win. In reward you will gain experience, fame and useful equipment. To ensure a more brilliant triumph, organize a march from 20 people, and to the mentioned prizes to join the title of the real hero.

Continuing in Revelation to play, it's time to think about a great campaign, in which the goal will be the seizure of new territories and castles. In such a grandiose mission can participate up to 8000 people, where everyone will receive their share of the award for the successful completion of the case. Since the battle can take place in the air, under water or on the ground, such a massive massacre looks very impressive.

Pozvozhnosti in Revelation Online allow you to choose your own tactics: to become an aggressor or a defender, a life leading or slave. If you are confident in your own abilities, show it in the Arena, challenging the other participants. Join the guilds to fight and rest together in a common house. Here you can even build a romantic relationship, and then in a moment they are torn.

The game provides for several types of management:

  • Click-to-move mouse-based navigation
  • C by capturing targets with keys
  • Target system for capturing targets.

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