Alternative names: Riot

RIOT online - it bsplatnaya browser strategy, dedicated to contemporary conflicts that happen in our day, somewhere in Latin America. The purpose of game - to release a small state Merani captured by the military regime powerful dictator.

Play game RIOT online for free, the game does not require the installation of the game client and is available in any browser. All you need is to Register RIOT, which is done with the social networks such as, Mail. ru, Classmates, Facebook, VKontakte (if you have a registered account these networks), or using e-mail (please enter your email address and password, then just click "Play"). To register, simply select one of the icons presented on the home page and follow the instructions. That's all for this game Register RIOT finished!

Going into the game, will meet initially with the opening game information in the form of comics. After that, you will need to choose your hero: offered 6 characters (3 women and 3 men), then choose a faction (Scarlet Alliance or the Coalition of the Crown), enter a short "call" (the nickname) in a special form, take the agreement to the Terms Games and presses the button "Play".

Now we can start the game. At the initial stage NPC offers to pass a short course of a young soldier (in the form of story missions), which must be passed for that would quickly adapt to the game ...

Briefly on existing alliances

Scarlet Alliance - an army of revolutionaries and anarchists, who are fighting for freedom against a totalitarian dictator. This fraction lacks the high-tech weapons, but this disadvantage is offset by the support of the local population and dashing courage. Directs this faction experienced and fair leader - Comandante, who promised to liberate his country from the dictatorship of the military regime, and establish in its territory government of the people,

Crown Coalition - an association of mercenaries who are on the side of Baron, the rightful heir to a dynasty that overthrew the dictator. Baron equips its army with the latest technology. After the suppression of the military regime of the dictatorship, he intends to ensure that the massive influx of foreign capital, developing high-tech manufacturing.

In the process of fighting online game Riot enables to choose a partner (mercenary) to a particular profession: Heavy Assault or Sniper.

The game has missions that do not affect the course of events, but that play the game online will RIOT, not at all boring, since they look quite fascinating. All missions in the game take place in real time, and battlefields are very similar to each other. But bear in mind that the yield on each mission requires good preparation. This means that playing RIOT, may need to be engaged in arms of his party: need to buy powerful weapons, unique cartridges, stimulants, grenades, first aid kits and other, not less than desired. Choice in the game is good enough helmets (helmets), pants, boots, armor, pistols, machine guns, rifles, etc. ). Moreover, all this can be upgraded.

RIOT online game has its own in-game currency - pesos Reais stars and badges. Whereby it will be possible to buy different things.

Game Characters in battle only able to move independently and shoot, and engage in treatment, or throw grenades to request air support, you need to already own.

RIOT online game has an interesting feature - Energy. Each hero has five units of energy that can be spent in combat. Energy, which is typical for social games, recovered immediately, but within a certain time, and the transition to a new level.

In RIOT can play, taking part in PvP-battles, and for thrill-seekers, there DeathMatch (8x8 players).

In combat, the game contains build its base: it is necessary to build a military factory, through which you can achieve your goals ...

Concluding the review, I want to say the game is quite interesting and exciting, it has a lot of different functions and features, which are not mentioned. RIOT registration will plunge everyone in this vibrant game world!


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