Rise of Immortals

Alternative names: ROI

Game Rise of Immortals - a free 3D-play MMO games in force, which opens in the popular action strategy gameplay of traditional games MOBA.

The game Rise of Immortals online added unlike traditional MOBA advanced features socialization, along with the continuous development of the character, which were first created for the genre MOBA.

Rise of Immortals is set in the world of Graxia, 300 years after the events «Guardians of Graxia» based Petroglyph, the game, which was released last year.

In the Rise of Immortals profile consists of several stages: registration form, ie is account creation and registration confirmation.

In order to create your account you need to do the following:

1. Find the official website of the game Rise of Immortals.

2. On the main page, click on the link «Community».

3. After this, click on «Create account».

4. In the first cell you need to enter Username - your user name.

5. Specify the E-mail Address - your email address.

6. Write Password - a password that consists of 3 to 32 characters.

7. Enter Confirm Password - this means that you need to enter the password again to confirm it.

8. Answer the Registration Question - registration question. Write the answer in a cell which is shown below.

9. Enter the Security Check - secret code. He shows up on your screen.

10. Read the position of the site and check all the items that you agree.

11. Then click «Create account».

Play Rise of Immortals may each registered user and computer settings who meet the following criteria:

Windows XP (Windows Vista, Windows 7) - OS.

Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz - Processor.

1 GB (2 GB for Vista) - RAM.

1.5 GB - Hard disk drive (HDD).

256 MB - Video Memory

DirektX 9. 0c-compatible - Sound Card.

In the Rise of Immortals you will play instead of the account-based leveling system. According to this system, you can advance their characters through various adventures, persistent skill tree, as well as configure and upgrade the unique abilities that persist from match to match.

In addition, Rise of Immortals online is the social hub where players can show their expansion, chat, emotions, browse leaders, store, manage a variety of options and more.

Players also have the opportunity to Rise of Immortals free to take his immortal character and using them to participate in a variety of modes that will bring you victory.

You can buy goods through the in-game store to further enhance their characters, including buying new features and consumables, such as acceleration or special elixir.

Rise of Immortals will introduce 12 characters. You can create a team from two people (maximum of five).

Rise of Immortals online importantly destroy the enemy base.

Sign in the game Rise of Immortals, start the game with all the responsibility, and you will surely achieve heights.


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