Rise of Nations

Alternative names: Rise of Nations

That is the game Rise of Nations, knows of any self-respecting gamer. This is a real classic of the genre. This game combines all the finest quality games made in the genre of historical strategy. Every lover of grand conquest and development of complex virtual strategies and plans can be found in the game itself. You expect representatives of eighteen different nations. Each nation has its own bonuses that are available to the player successfully completing assignments or quest. You just have to deal with six thousand years, during which there are all the major events of the game. Besides you have to thoroughly master the skill of warfare, espionage learn and learn to solve problems through the world or civil wars.

To start the game, you will need to download Rise of Nations. If you wish, you can download and install all the necessary additions and updates, while discovering new maps, unusual and original units, various game campaign and other useful additions.

Play Rise of Nations appeal to all those gamers who are crazy about games belonging to the genre of computer strategies on historical grounds. So, if you think you have the presence of military leadership tendencies, you should definitely try their hand in this project. In this game you expect a huge number of tools to develop their own nation in completely different directions.

The developers describe it as a genre affiliation RTS. As a developer, by the way, made famous company Big Huge Games. A project is considered to be the birth year of 2003 far. This game is extremely combines the best elements of the global strategy. It is worth noting that in the future, the creators of the project, which is managed at least use the basic ideas implemented in Rise of Nation, apply as the basis for the other no less popular today game Rise of Legends.

Rise of Nations in the nation are protected from each other by national boundaries, which represent areas that are around the towns and fortifications. According to the legend of the game the players belong to national borders, and on their territory can be easily erected various buildings and buildings. Should take into account the point that you can not build a building on the territory of a neutral and you do not belong. During the game you will be able to expand the national boundaries, exploring new territories and build new wonders of the world.

Continue our review of Rise of Nations would like wonders of the world that represent real-world buildings and monuments transferred into virtual reality. After their construction players receive certain bonuses and promotions, because they have specific features.

To see for yourself the veracity of all the above, you can personally to reconsider Rise of Nations video trailer.


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