Rise of the Tomb Raider

Alternative names: Ascent of the Tomb Raider, Rice of Tomb Raider

Events in which players participated in the previous ninth part of Tomb Raider, continues the tenth part of the adventure thriller with the lead character Lara Croft. Game Rise of the Tomb Raider in the year 2014 after the announcement, 13. eleven. 2015 became available for Xbox 360 with Xbox One. Different inhabitants of the harsh land go out only in a certain part of the day, and with the start of the blizzard are hiding in the holes.

Lara can survive using improvised means. Collecting minerals, plants, skins, she turns them into clothes and medicinal drugs. Other artifacts will serve for traps, the construction of bows, lasso, poisonous arrows.

The main enemy of the heroine is harsh nature. Then suddenly a snowstorm may begin or an avalanche may come down. She paves the way through the high snowdrifts, deftly climbs the trees, swims well and runs fast. These qualities will help to survive, but in a cold climate it is important to find a source of heat, and this is also part of the assignment.

Lara's clothes come gradually to waste, get dirty and tear, and she needs materials to make a new one. But the most difficult will begin when you have to solve multistage puzzles based on the laws of physics or decipher the ancient inscriptions on the walls.

Avtorov have worked on the realism of the game product, and you can consider the smallest details on the objects. Blood, dirt or wet spots on Lara's clothes look authentic, and on her skin you can see scars and pores. If you reduce the main points together, you will:

  • Shoot, swim, jump, scramble, etc. E.
  • Open in the Pathfinder
  • Download and use items
  • Rating puzzles
  • Continue in the fights
  • From the end point

The adventure of adventure.

Many players can not wait to download Rise of the Tomb Raider, and go to conquer Siberia. While Rise of the Tomb Raider on the PC is just getting ready for the exit, you can enjoy viewing the videos.

Lara miraculously survives after the shelling, falls from the cliff, climbs up it, finds a secret labyrinth and letters on the stone walls, opens the passage to the ruins of the old city, is exposed to new dangers and traps, but makes amazing discoveries. And of course, at a decisive moment, armed competitors are attacking it, and a gunfight begins.

So you will be able to buy Rise of the Tomb Raider, and three additions, which the company is already preparing for release, will be free for season pass holders. From the debut trailer it is clear that the heroine of Rice of Tomb Ryder will meet the fabulous Babu Yaga. Surely she still has a lot of shocking acquaintances, and we are waiting for them with impatience.


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