Rising Cities

Alternative names: Rising Cities

Game Rising Cities - free browser based strategy designed to build cities. Simulation activities measure provides players the opportunity to put Rising Cities online and their brainchild own ideas about improvement of urban infrastructure. On its activity and provide a decent standard of living for the inhabitants of your town, you certainly will win the respect and be famous wise owner. Virtual measures begin their duties without first exhausting election campaign, he does not have to be nervous about enough votes to feed people and meaningless promises. No, there is no place for empty words! You must prove themselves in practice and fulfill all that promise politicians in real life. Agree that do not just have to think about how you would have done, how would make calculations as trying to meet the demands of the crowd. Taking care of its people, you will not stay mad. Astute and clever strategist can become a real tycoon anyone without hurting.

To show what you can do, go to the game site, where waiting Rising Cities registration. Play Rising Cities from any computer that meets such parameters

  • OS Windows
  • Processor 800 MHz Intel Pentium III
  • Compatible with DirectX 9. 0 audio and video card
  • RAM minimum 1 Gb
  • 2 GB of free hard disk space
  • High-speed Internet connection

Join in the game Rising Cities pass under your control of the territory, after enter the username, password, e -mail, date birth and agree to the rules of the project. In addition, there is proposed subscription interesting news to keep abreast of various updates.

Start small and believe that over time, can be proud of their achievements. Start will be more successful if Rising Cities play begin with a starter kit, which is sold in the main menu "City Hall." It is worth noting that the price is affordable, so do not deny yourself. Do not be afraid of seeming difficulties. You certainly cope not only with the construction of a residential complex, but will build all the necessary facilities for production purposes, entertainment facilities and other building types. Continuing to develop the infrastructure to a small town turned into a huge metropolis! The higher the level of development, the more you will have residents. And the number of people filling up the coffers through taxes and other contributions factor depends on your prosperity. This relationship is logical and beneficial for both sides. Richer than yourself, the more prospects and opportunities to perform their duties qualitatively manager.

Learn how to invest money. In the industrial sector should be put in operation a sawmill, farm, a brick factory, a bakery, a brewery. Energy complex and transport system also requires investment. Positively affect the state finance trade relations with lying near cities. Collaborate with other measures for borrowing economy, namely sales of their goods and the acquisition of the necessary things offered neighbors.

Play game Rising Cities impossible without resources. For example, people need such foods as potatoes, tomatoes, grains. A tile is needed for construction, wood rafters, boards, tiles, bricks. Take care of the stocks of resources that your plans could be realized without problems!

With regard to the appearance of the city, it's worth noting that over time it changes significantly. After all, if initially available only simple construction, with time you can proceed to the construction of luxury buildings. By the way, all this will have to first get stroylitsenziyu, and then get to work.

Rising Cities online allows you to perform various activities. For this purpose should be the front area, which, like everything else, requires be in good condition. During the event, you can get good rewards, and it, doubly pleased.

Tackle fascinating pastime now. Gain experience to become a brilliant manager and just a great host. You luck and good mood!


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