Rising Generals

Alternative names: Rising Generals
Game Rising Generals provided free of charge for anyone to use. In the story, you, as the hero, with part of the army acting on its own base, busy increasing its size and power. Your main task is to expand the boundaries, hiring troops and their content, improving their possessions. To do this you have to connect wit, experience, intuition, and develop tactics. Rules of the game allow you to share with other players to win the neighboring areas. It is important not to forget about its central database and its special underground facilities, of which there are eight. This is where the control will be carried out for all other objects. As for the weapons, it is in the game Rising Generals online provided in a wide range: from the choice of a super easy technique to new developments. When you upgrade the barracks to a certain level, it is possible to build a modern and specialized machines, such as minoukladchiki, as well as create the necessary tactical bombers. Fighting in the game taking place rapidly, the battle lasted from five to fifteen minutes. To strengthen the military power in the game, there are oil refinery and a factory that produce the resources necessary for sustainable development. Available as a team and research centers involved in the battles of the officer corps. In Rising Generals play is easy enough, the control system, as well as the interface itself, is made available. With a few simple combinations of keyboard and mouse, you can perform all your actions. By clicking the cursor on your base, you have the opportunity to control all activities that occur. So. In particular, see the volume and the number of available resources, other important information. To begin playing the game Rising Generals need to do a number of standard operations that are to visit the official site of the project and to fill more of the following graph: Enter your e-mail address; Enter the previously invented a secure password; Specify the name of his character; Confirm your acceptance of the user agreement of the game; Press Rising Generals registration. Now you can instantly be taken for fun gameplay that uniquely pleases you. Note also the nice thing: the game is the ability to create communities of players, so that your actions become more productive. For the convenience of the game Rising Generals includes chat, with which you can communicate both with their allies or just gamers, and ask your questions with instant give an answer. You can also send messages to entire groups of players, which greatly simplifies the correspondence. In summary, we can safely say that the project will please fans, as well as professional gamers that called everyone from young to old. Well, do not waste your time, rather start for the gameplay!

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