Birth of a legend

Alternative names: Mythborne

Game The birth of the Legend, where the pagan gods come to life

Mall who remain indifferent to the fascinating ancient Greek legends, telling about the life of the Olympic gods, their heroic deeds, fun holidays and love stories. If you believe the legends, before they descended to the ground to people, but since then many centuries have passed. If earlier people asked them for mercy, now Zeus himself and his company needed help, and the browser game Legend's Birth calls heroes for the upcoming battles for Olympus.

The great gods are threatened by the titans, who were once thrown into tartar for their cruelty. But in prison, they did not accept fate, and found a way to liberation. Pandora's box was open, and outworld beasts, diseases and catastrophes burst out, opening the way for the titans to the upper world. Initially, the gods tried to cope on their own, but they began to suffer defeat. Afraid of the fate of Olympus, they threw a cry to people, calling them to help.

Starting at the birth of the Legend to play, you will not be left alone in the face of evil. The Olympians will certainly help with advice, knowledge and weapons. Together, you must perform a responsible mission and drive into the tartaras of the evil titans.

We are taking classes

Just imagine the beauty of the open spaces, from the fabulous landscapes of the legendary Mount Olympus with magnificent gardens and majestic palaces to the gloomy beauties of the other world, where instead of the river lava flows, do not stop flaming the plains. But even in this uncomfortable place there is a certain charm.

Looking in the colorful views, do not forget that there is an important mission. To destroy the ancient aggressors, you need the birth of the Legend registration, and then the choice of the people who prefer to represent:

  • Oracle
  • Mag
  • Paladin
  • Hunter
  • Dowel

There are certain abilities in each character. While some warriors use muscles and dexterously work with a sword, shaking the enemy into small pieces, others throw them with spears and arrows, or call the forces of nature with magical spells. Everyone tries to the best of the opportunities that you have to constantly improve.

With the strength of the heroes at the lowest stage, the enemies also correspond to this level, but with you are typed strength and experience, and so do not miss the opportunity to purchase improved equipment and gain experience. And since one can not cope with a horde of enemies, you will need helpers, and you can find them in a tavern. In those wishing to be on your side there will be no release, and each advertises itself, talking about personal talents. You are the main decide who to take in the detachment.

Walking levels, you will get a richer assortment in choosing outfits, weapons and potential assistants. You can also create unique characters by combining equipment and skills. If you try, create a universal soldier, successfully fighting in any situation.

Useful features of the game

There are a lot of opportunities in the birth of the Legend, and this makes it beautiful and multifunctional.

  • Invite in a detachment of different gods. For example, the famous Achilles.
  • Use the help and advice of Zeus, Hercules, Perseus, Paris and the beautiful goddesses of Elena, Athena and others.
  • Of the three players for a team battle.
  • The work is gradually becoming more complicated.
  • Bright special effects in PvE and PvP battles.
  • In addition to the main task of destroying the titans, you can digress for fishing.
  • It is possible that you will like one of the goddesses so much that you will marry her. And if she turns out to be obstinate, you can get a divorce.

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