Alternative names: Rulimony

Online game Rulimony - free browser game created for the development of skills and tendencies in children. Unique game will help turn a boring and painful learning process fun and enjoyable. More than 40 different mini-games not only brighten up your kids leisure, but also bring substantial benefit.

Rulimony online game designed for children of preschool and early school age. However, even parents will find it fun and be able to play Rulimony together with their offspring. Become extraordinary inhabitant of the fairy world is quite simple.

Rulimony Online registration provides such an opportunity. You are required to fill the following fields:

  • Baby name
  • Password
  • Email
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Country

Join in the game also offers a choice Rulimony game character. Then you put a tick that you agree with the rules of the game, allow your child to play and Rulimony not against getting useful news. Register Rulimony be completed after you receive an email with instructions on how to activate your account and follow the steps.

Keep in mind that on one account, you can create only one character. But if your child wants to try to play with someone else, nobody forbids to create a new account with a different choice of hero. In this case there will be amusing zverushki independently.

What they Rulimondii inhabitants? What is the impact on the game that you have chosen a cat, or, for example, a fox?

The game has six types of characters. Each of them has its own distinctive features.

Dog will never disappoint you if you want the true strong friendship. With his flight of fancy and restless optimism does not get bored.

Hearted bear will demonstrate the breadth of his soul. Help this sweet tooth realize a cherished dream: to see the whole world.

Fox shines with its ingenuity and expertise. This sociable person understands everyone, and be sure to take care.

Bull can become the soul of any company. Loves his family and home comfort. In games, aims to be the first, as relates to them very seriously.

Cat - is the embodiment of the most polite and the intelligentsia. Will never speak against someone, and their talents to shine. And although computer mouse friendly relationship he sometimes plays itself.

Artful Bunny never hesitated and surprise his savvy. Late not in its rules, so it's always somewhere in a hurry.

Here you also get acquainted with the lovely residents Rulimondii. Choose who you like and start to play the game online Rulimony.

Our heroes are easy to move around the virtual world and can take part in any game. Rulimony online game prepared for the purpose of environmentally friendly modes of transport. Every new player gets a personal skateboard. But it is possible to change over time vehicle. After all, the game is constantly expanding fleet. Incidentally, not only transport but also other valuable items can be purchased using the game currency Auro. At the beginning of the game you have some charges, but more money will receive a quest.

Rulimony online is a huge city with a variety of locations. They are separated for public, commercial and private. Among the abundance of buildings and various cubbies you'll find:

  • Beach
  • Cafe
  • School
  • Club
  • Park
  • Stores

Dear parents, after your child is expected to play the game online Rulimony, his success will not go unnoticed by you. Over time you will realize that your kid is a better read, write, distinguish colors, expand your vocabulary, cares for the environment, learned to manage personal finances, able to make decisions easily find common language with their peers. This game is designed for self-realization both girls boys. In the process of online games your child can develop memory, logic, observation, spatial thinking, fine motor skills, an ear for music. In addition, if you become Rulimony play together with the children, it will contribute to your understanding and cohesion.

Game is available and free to all, but some types of mini-games require for their discovery of gold keys. Believe that one relatively small amount spent on their purchase will be compensated. Gold keys will open more opportunities and will be a good surprise for your child. Hurry please their kids, because they deserve it!

Make the teachings brought pleasure and proud of its achievements krovinushku! Who does not like you to know how much it is pleasant to observe the successful development of their offspring. Rulimony game is waiting for you and ready to become your very real helper!


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