Rusty Hearts

Alternative names: Rusty Hearts

Game Rusty Hearts - client is an exciting game that was created in the style of MMORPG. Rusty Hearts online game is a multiplayer game in the style shooter with role-playing elements.

In Rusty Hearts registration is very easy, it does not take a lot of time and actually available to everyone. In order to register in the game Rusty Hearts you need to do the following:

1. Log in Rusty Hearts online. To find this site in the network, use a search engine, you can search and directory.

2. On the first page will be immediately located the registration form. Fill in all the items in it.

3. The first line of the form select Account Name - name for your account.

4. Next record Display Name - the name that everyone will see.

5. Then specify Email Address - email address.

6. Then write Confirm Email - again you must enter the email address.

7. Enter your Password - password.

8. Enter Confirm Password - again you need to write your password.

9. Check the date of his birth.

10. Read items about the game, which are described below. If you agree with them, mark them.

11. Then click on the button «Register & Download now».

After registration you will be given the opportunity to download the game client, if you have eighteen years.


Play Rusty Hearts may each registered user and one who has the computer settings meet your requirements:

Windows XP (Windows Vista or Windows 2007) - OS (operating system).

Intel Pentium 4 at 1 GHz - Processor.

1 GB - RAM (random access memory).

5 GB - HDD (hard disk drive).

NVidia GeForce FX5200 ATI Radeon9550 - Videocard.

DirektX 9. 0s - Audio card.


In Rusty Hearts, you can play these characters:

1. Franz Kruger is a hybrid human - vampire and holds a strong grudge against Lord Vlad. His fiancee, Amelia disappeared and Franz's mission is to find out what happened to his beloved bride.

2. Angela comes from a small village, which is located in the misty forest in Romania. She is a young witch. It may be a bit naive, though it is quite tough.

3. Amplitudes MacLeod - lifelong wanderer. He was bitten by a wolf and after this incident he was constantly required to travel to different places, so that no one knew him the truth.

4. Natasha is Borzenkova con man who travels from town to town with his sister.

5 Rosell Vergerius arrived in Braumunez with her sister Leila Vergerius. Rosell eldest sister, my heart very quiet. But not escape troubles whoever hurt her younger sister Leila.

6. Meiling Chen - a girl who is clearly hiding a secret. She is very shy, but under her fist better not to fall.


7. Edgar Grosvenor - he's older and more experienced than he looks.

8. Leila Vergerius - struggles to emerge from the shadow of her older sister's protector. It hardly needs to be protected because it has the same supernatural powers and the ability to dark magic, like her sister

9. Ian Jablonski - he survived the attack monsters that claimed all his family members.

Rusty Hearts online will reveal many more secrets.

Sign in Rusty Hearts online and enjoy the game!


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