S4 League

Alternative names: S4, C4

Online Game S4 ​​League-is a combination of shooters and gorgeous anime graphics. So I believe that when you will experience an unusual shooter with stunning spectacular graphics, this game will not leave you indifferent.

You will have access to all servers in the world, which means that you'll be able to fight at its discretion with players of different parts of the world.

S4 League online provides the chance to create your own unique character. In-game store, in the range, there are hundreds of cool things and clothes, weapons and accessories. You can also purchase a variety of variations of hairstyles and facial expressions to choose between male and female character - create a unique character is very simple. Though it will be a skilled grown style shooter or a cute anime character in S4 League all possible.

Once you ekipiruesh your character, you can take part in the matches.

In this game you can choose the combination mode in which you want to play. Here we assume mode Touchdown, where you will need to demonstrate their fighting and shooting skills, your main task will be to master the ball and return it to the opponent's goal. Or, for example, a ruthless and breathtaking mode Deathmatch, where to kill players you need to show your strategic and combat skills.

Chaser mode for a specific time you have to hide and run away from his pursuers. I warn you that it is not easy, especially when you are pursuing a reaper himself. But if you prefer a classic shooter, S4 League Online is offering you the arcade mode, there you will be able to demonstrate their skills in battle against the robots that destroy everything in their path. Here you will have to travel the 3D measurement, on his way to meet thousands of opponents and destroy them. In addition, you will be required from the great reflex skills and superfast strategic ideas.

Join in the game S4 ​​League will give you the opportunity to dive into the world of shooters and anime, plus when entering the game you get a set of beginner, which will contain: semiautomatic training and plasma sword, two skills that increase the supply of life on 15 and to 30 units, as well as ordinary trousers with a jacket.

S4League was created by motion graphics anime - when you will run, jump, shoot and fly your character will look awesome! Just like the characters from the popular comic. Newest style graphics will provide you with quality movements and impeccable character scenes, even if you're still a rookie, and it's your first steps in S4 League online.

One of the cool features is that S4 League play on any computer with video.

In pursuit of the title of the best player you have to meet with thousands of professional players and justify his title.

Join S4 League online, join the clan and become the number one among the many anime games and shooters!


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